The Carnute – Nightingale Creature

As we continue to explore the amazing creatures of Nightingale, we reach a special one. This is The Mighty Carnute.

Commonly known as the Demon Deer, it is neither a demon or a deer. It is a Realm Spirit which is occasionally caught wandering the Fae Lands.

The Carnute - Demon Deer, Nightingale

The Carnute

These creatures are fiercely protective of local wildlife and use their strong magic connection to regrow felled trees.

As long as you live in harmony with nature, the Demon Deer will largely ignore you. Kill a creature nearby or attack the spirit directly and you will be lucky to make it out alive.

The Carnute - Demon Deer, Nightingale

We’ve seen The Carnute before in the Realmwalker Compendium.

“Those ill-versed in taxonomy know it as “Demon Deer”, yet the creature is neither demon nor deer. As professor Esterhazy established, it is a Realm Spirit, an avatar of its domain.

Despite appearances, the creature is no beast. Observed behaviour shows formidable concern toward fauna. It is believed to have a connection to the fabled demiurge, allowing the Spirit to rejuvenate that which has been depleted.

Though largely apathetic to humans, newspapers reported that certain corporate functionaries sought to slay a demon and that their bodies were later found, antler-torn, feeding new sapling in the Realms.”

Realmwalker Compendium Demon Deer
The Carnute - Demon Deer, Nightingale
The Carnute - Demon Deer, Nightingale

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