The Eoten

The Eoten – Nightingale Creature

We’ve seen the Eoten in previous videos, such as The Realmwalker’s Journey Trailer. This creature looks like it can be both friendly and aggressive, depending on how you approach it.

The Eoten - Nightingale Creature

The Eoten is an elemental creature of the realms. Cut down trees at your own peril because these inconspicuous creatures live among the forest. Cutting down one of their distant cousins (a normal tree) may awaken them.

We can only assume cutting down another tree will anger them, prompting them to fiercely defend their territory.

Èlder eoten
Elder eoten

Realmwalkers may find that bargaining is a safer approach for special rewards. While more bruiser explorers make exploit the creatures aversion to fire!

The Eoten - Nightingale Creature

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Another Creature of the Realms is the cute Brippo – but be careful, they can be fierce.


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