Farouk's House Key

Find Farouk’s House Key Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Farouk's House

In Dead Island 2, Beverly Hills will be one of the first cities that you investigate after arriving on the island. In your search for Michael Anders, you are going to make your way around the famous region. Michael, who lives in Beverly Hills, is one of those people who is lucky enough to know many of his fellow Beverly Hills residents.

In order to enter Farouk’s residence in Dead Island 2, you will need to find Farouk’s House Key. Continue reading for information on how to locate the key to Farouk’s house and how to get inside.

Farouk’s House Key Location

To begin, you are getting pretty near if you can make out the door that is closed in the backyard of Farouk’s house. Follow the gravel road that is to the right of the entrance. This will lead you to the generator as well as the locked gate.

Farouk's House Key

In Order to obtain Farouk’s House Key. You need to activate the generator and get past the gate, Once you enter the house head straight behind the locked door and grab the keys. It is not hard to miss given that it is situated just below the piece of white artwork that is hung on the wall. But be aware that after picking up the keys, A Crusher will appear. You can either kill it or run from it, It’s your life bro and the choice is yours.

Farouk’s House Location

Farouks House Dead Island 2

Now that you have the key, you are free to visit the remainder of Farouk’s estate in Dead Island 2 at your leisure.

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