Luigi Familia Box Key Location Dead Island 2

Does Dead Island 2’s Luigi Familia Box need a key to open? In short, Yes! There are many locked safes and boxes on Santa Monica Beach in Dead Island 2 that can only be opened with the right keys.

The key to the Luigi Familia Box is concealed in one of the safes, among many others, and must be retrieved prior to the conclusion of the game. This is due to the fact that the key can only be obtained by overcoming a specific zombie that only appears after the player has returned to Santa Monica Beach and advanced in the game.

The location of the Luigi Familia Box Key can be found and accessed with the help of this Dead Island 2 guide. A chest carrying a deadly weapon will become accessible with this.

Luigi Familia Box Key Location

Luigi Familia Box

You will need to finish the main quest line at Santa Monica Beach in order to get the Luigi Familia Box Key. If you’ve already finished the quest, go back to the place on the map where Luigi Jr. should be.

Luigi Familia Box

Luigi Jr. is a named zombie that is a variant of an Apex zombie. Using a firearm that deals shock or bleeding damage and maintaining a safe distance from the zombies can make this battle simple. Keep in mind that Apex zombies have a massive vitality pool and no resistance. Use sharp weapons with the shock and bleed element if you intend to use melee weapons. This zombie’s mobility is sluggish and predictable, allowing you to easily follow it.


After you have defeated Luigi Jr., the Luigi Familia Box Key will fall from its body. After that, you are free to continue on to the Luigi Familia Box Location.

Luigi Familia Box Location

In order to gain access to the Luigi Familia Box Safe. Follow the map below to get there easier.

Luigi Map

The Puncturator Bo Staff delivers high piercing damage and may kill any zombies you encounter because to its increased attack speed.


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Dying a lot? Do you want something that can make your character stronger? Try to unlock this Leeching Zombie Axe which has High attack damage and leech attributes!

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