Security Guard's Cooler

Security Guard’s Cooler Key Location Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2

During the course of your survival in Dead Island 2, you will come upon the Monarch Studio Area. However, rather from being a place of Vanity and Fame, your character will have to contend with the hordes of the undead that are waiting on the sets and on every trailer. You will discover a locked Security Guard’s Cooler along the way. Fortunately, this tutorial will assist you in unlocking and claiming the goodies that are contained within this Cooler.

Security Guard’s Cooler Key Location

Security Guard’s Cooler Key

In order to obtain the Security’s Cooler Key. After entering the studio, you will need to go to a little lane located behind Sound Stage 7 in order to locate the trailer that belongs to the actor Jimmy Montana. However, it is the only trailer in the lane, and Jimmy Montana’s name will be painted on the door. The location is marked up top on the map. As soon as you unlocks the door, You will encounter the zombie security guard devastating the body of the actor.

This named Walker can be lured out of the trailer by using noise or shooting him from outside in order to make the fight easier. You can simply use any rifle or gun to make the fight easier, but if you can also use a melee weapon since his movement and attacks are easy to dodge. Try to hit him with an elemental attack to apply a disable then you can smash or slash him till he die.

When you kill the zombie security guard, he’ll drop the key to his cooler. Grab the key and quickly proceed to the Security Guard’s Cooler Location.

Security Guard’s Cooler Location

Security Guard's Cooler

You’ll find the security guard’s cooler in the security booth, which is located just outside the main entrance of The Monarch Studios. It is unlocked with Security’s Cooler key which drops a rather underwhelming weapon not worth your time – the Damaging Police Baton.

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