Starla's Safe Key

Starla’s Safe Key Location Dead Island 2

Starla's Safe Key Location

Do you need Starla’s Safe Key to unlock the Starla’s Award Show Safe in Dead Island 2? Dead Island 2’s Hollywood Boulevard is littered with locked safes and chests that can only be accessed with the correct keys.

Even though many other keys are spread around the map, the key to the Starla’s Award Show Safe is one of the Safe that can be find before the ending. The reason for this is that once the player has advanced through the game and returned to the Hollywood Boulevard, then you will be able to find the special zombie which will appear and you must defeat them for the key.

This Dead Island 2 tutorial will show you where to go, in order to obtain Starla’s Safe Key. This will unlock a chest containing a lethal weapon.

Find Starla’s Safe Key Location

Starla's Safe Key

In Order to find Starla’s Safe key, You need to finish the main Hollywood Boulevard Questline then return to this location and start killing all the zombies to make Starla Tayloor-Moore a named crusher type zombie appear. She can be found at the entrance of the Old Dynasty Theatre along with the red-carpet.

Starla's Safe Key Location

Starla Tarlor-Moore can deal heavy damage since its a crusher zombie. You can simply use any rifle or gun to make the fight easier, but if you can also use a melee weapon since its movement and attacks are easy to dodge. Try to hit her with an elemental attack to apply a disable then you can smash or slash her till she dies. Be cautious about this fight since the area is packed with different zombie, prepare a lot of weapon and health restoring items to survive this challenge.

Starla's Safe Key Location

Once you killed Starla, She will drop the Starla’s Safe Key. Proceed to Starla’s Award Show Safe Location.

Find Starla’s Award Show Safe

Starla's Safe Key Location

The safe can be found inside a tent along the Hollywood Boulevard. Get around the back and crawl under the obstacle. Unlock the Starla’s safe and obtain the Smashing Composite Sledgehammer. Not bad for a weapon reward which can be upgraded and leveled-up.

There you have it. Congratulations on Unlocking Starla’s Award Show Safe.

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