Ticket Office Safe Key Location Dead Island 2

Do you need Ticket Office Safe Key to unlock the Metro Ticket Office Safe in Dead Island 2? Dead Island 2’s Hollywood Boulevard is littered with locked safes and chests that can only be accessed with the correct keys.

Even though many other keys are spread around the map, the key to the Ticket Office Safe is one of the Safe that can be find before the ending. The reason for this is that once the player has advanced through the game and returned to the Hollywood Boulevard, then you will be able to find the special zombie which will appear and you must defeat them for the key.

This Dead Island 2 tutorial will show you where to go, in order to obtain Ticket Office Safe Key. This will unlock a chest containing a lethal weapon.

Ticket Office Safe Key Location

In order to acquire the Ticket Office Safe Key, The player must finish the Hollywood Boulevard main quest line. If you have already finished the quest, Backtrack to the location shown in the map and there you should find Metro Ticket Taker.

Ticket Office Safe Key

Metro Ticket Taker is a named Flaming Slobber Zombie which can be classified as a newer variant of a floater. You can make this fight easy by using a firearm with shock or bleed damage and keeping you distance since slobber zombie can hurl flaming projectiles which applies fire damage to the player. be aware that slobber zombies have a large chuck of health pool and has blunt resistance. If you plan to use melee weapons, Use sharp weapons with shock and bleed element. You can easily get behind the slobber zombie since its movement is sluggish and predictable.

Ticket Office Safe Key

Once you killed Metro Ticket Taker , It will drop the Ticket Office Safe Key. You can then now proceed to the Metro Ticket Office Safe Location.

Ticket Office Safe Key

Metro Ticket Office Safe Location

In order to unlock the Metro Ticket Office Safe. You can follow the location on the map below.

Ticket Office Safe Key

This drawer will drop Cremator Claymore which has High Cleaving Damage and has additional burn damage that can melt any zombies along the way.

Ticket Office Safe Key

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