Dune Shigawire Reels Part 5

Dune shigawire reels part 5 gives us our first hint towards dungeons and what is required to raid and pillage those locations. We get a look at an abandoned Ecology lab location.

Shigawire Reels Part 5

Ecology Lab

“Ancient stations built and forgotten by the first imperial explorers, a few were later rediscovered by the Fremen.
Some were dedicated to the study of Arrakis and the adaptation of species, others were used for less conventional research.”
Dune shigawire reels part 5

Safety in Numbers

“To survive and secure the most valuable resources on one of the most dangerous planets in the universe, many seek safety and power in numbers.”
Dune shigawire reels part 5

Most notable from this video is our first look at the implementation of dungeons and loot able locations within Arrakis, previously we’ve had no mention of any loot able PVE locations so this seems to be a large milestone within the development cycle of Dune Awakening. Mentioning the players will have to seek safety in numbers hinting at either a party system for dungeons or freely allowing players to visit locations with how ever many players they want to.

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