Nightingale Dev Talks about AI Creature Movement and Spawning

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Nightingale is getting more attention in the Survival genre as its nears its release date this year. In this Article we learn a little about AI Creature Movement. As we start to learn more about the game, the developers and the creatures with the Realms, we can start to learn more about what to expect in this upcoming Co-Op Survival game.

In a recent tweet from Nightingale and Developer Nathan Sturtevant, we understand a little more about Nightingale. Nathan will be attending the GDC AI Summit to discuss “Living in Procedural Worlds: AI Creature Movement and Spawning in Nightingale”.

This is extremely interesting as it gives us a little look into what sort of systems we can expect in Nightingale.

The Event is taking place at the GDC AI Summit in Room 2002, West Hall on Tuesday March 21st.

AI Creature Movement.

AI Creature Movement and Spawning – What to expect?

“This session explores the unique AI challenges faced during the development of Inflexion Studio’s debut title, Nightingale, a co-op survival-crafting experience in which players venture through portals where adventure and mystery await across a myriad of beautiful and increasingly-dangerous procedurally generated realms.

Arta Seify and Nathan Sturtevant will describe the range of approaches crafted during development to solve challenges in pathfinding and populating the realms with creatures. Learn about the systems devised to support efficient pathfinding across large realms with a changing path network, creature terrain-type preferences, pathfinding for creatures of vastly different sizes, and procedurally filling the realms with wildlife such that they “feel alive”.”


“Attendees will learn how abstraction techniques can be combined with navigation meshes to support pathfinding and gameplay opportunities in larger worlds. They will also see methods for filling procedural worlds with creatures.”

Intended Audience

“This is for AI designers and programmers: This is a technical session with algorithmic/implementation details. Session covers both the technical systems that were built and the design motivations behind them.”

We will be eagerly awaiting the reviews and notes from the GDC Summit, especially Nathans talk about AI Creature Movement and Spawning.

While you’re here, why not take a look at everything we know about Nightingale?


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