Nightingale Dev Update – Testing, Dedicated Servers and Modding

The Nightingale Dev team have been really good at keeping the community updated on all things Nightingale. With recent FAQ’s and lots of discussions on their Discord. We now have their latest Nightingale Dev update, discussing Testing, Dedicated Servers and Modding. In this article we discuss the latest Nightingale Dev Update.

If you wasn’t aware, there has been some Closed Alpha Tests happening in Nightingale. These are invite only to a select few people. However there will be no January or February Playtest.

One of the main reasons for having no test during Jan or Feb is to give the Devs more time to work on the game before the next test.

Nightingale Dev Update

More Immersion!

One of the big parts they are working on is “Increasing amount of immersion” in Nightingale. They want the Realms you will be exploring to feel more fantastical.

Nightingale Dev Update

Some new items they are working on introducing are New foliage, more creature variation and a new array of resources for the players to interactive with. As you can expect, this does that time but we are excited to see more. Make sure you keep your eyes on the Creatures page as we keep getting to see new creatures from the game.

Nightingale Dev Update

A positive piece of feedback that the team at Nightingale received was around their Blueprint system. We’re excited to learn more about this as we edge closer to the release date.


Big Changes are being made to the gathering system in this Nightingale Dev Update to make it feel less sluggish. This is to give players a better feeling when gathering throughout the Realms.


Dedicated Servers

There has been multiple requests for this and yes, they confirmed there will be dedicated servers on launch. Anyone can start it up and play the game and it doesn’t matter who is online.

Unfortunately those of you that were looking forward to Private Servers, you will not be getting them, yet. They did confirm that it is likely something they will look into in the future. This also includes mods.


Many of the Developers at Nightingale have made mods for other games. So they understand the importance of mods and the value is can bring the players. However, there will be no Support during EA to insure a smoother EA launch. But they are likely to support Mods to some extent in the future.

Unfortunately, we still No launch date just yet, but we’re edging closer and closer to getting news soon.


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