Where To Get Raw Gem Quartz In Nightingale

Just started with the game and you don’t know where to get Raw Gem Quartz in Nightingale? You’ve come to the right place!

raw gem quartz in nightingale

Raw Gem Quartz In Nightingale

Before we get into more about Raw Gem Quartz in Nightingale, let’s first discuss something important! Appearance! Let’s get ourselves familiar with what we’re looking for and what we’re going to get when we mine Gem Quartz Clusters. Ore clusters vary in size so players may find small to large clusters at a time.


Unlike Tin Ore, Raw Gem Quartz has the same appearance both when Mined and in Cluster form. Refer to the following images below for better reference. Some minerals in Nightingale look entirely different when mined and raw but Raw Gem Quartz looks the same! In its cluster form, Raw Gem Quartz Clusters can be seen with large white gems growing on a chunk of rock. You can’t miss this Ore for sure! When mined, the rock opens up like a geode revealing its beauty! After mining, Quartz clusters drop Raw Gem Quartz ripe for the picking.

Clusters, as mentioned before, can vary in shapes and sizes. Players can find Clusters ranging from small sizes to large sizes that drop up to 6 or more Quartz. Players just have to look for rocks that have some white gem growth on them and boom, Quartz!

Finding Raw Gem Quartz

Quartz Clusters are typically found with Tin Ore. Where you can find them is typically the same as well. Players can find them growing on hillsides/mountain faces or close by bodies of water. Again, they can be found WITH Tin Ore so if you find Tin Ore, you can most definitely find Raw Gem Quartz Clusters right next to it or relatively nearby or vice versa.

Example Respite Locations

Since Tin Ore and Gem Quartz can be with each other, we have pasted down below our Realm map marked with locations where you can find these Minerals. In addition, we have also provided our Realm Card Combination so you can give it a try as well!

As seen in the image above, we did not cover much ground but the marked locations are already a lot! So, surely there are way more out there for you to find! All you have to do is visit some bodies of water or just simply look at the mountains and there, you will find Raw Gem Quartz in Nightingale.

Mining Raw Gem Quartz

Now that you know Raw Gem Quartz, let’s discuss what you need to mine this material. To begin, let’s talk about the Mining Pick you’ll need. Raw Gem Quartz requires a Simple Mining Pick to be mined and farmed. The starter tool will not suffice as it’s weaker than the Simple Mining Pick and would not cut through the mineral.

mining pick

Simple Mining Pick Recipe

  • 1x Stone Block
  • 1x Wood Bundle
  • 2x Straps

To create a Simple Mining pick, you will need 2 stations. Simple Workbench and Simple Tanning Station. You will need to use the Tanning Station to create Straps which is one of the ingredients to make the Simple Mining Pick. Players can create Straps using animal Pelts. After doing so, you then go to the Simple Workbench. Once you’ve gathered everything you’ll need for the tool, go ahead and craft it.

When mining Raw Gem Quartz in Nightingale, you must hack away at the clusters until they yield a drop. Small Clusters only need to be hit once or twice but for larger clusters, you’ll have to hack away at it a few more times to claim your prize. Quartz has many uses in the game. Raw Gem Quartz in Nightingale can be used to Craft items such as glass, Build structures for your base in your respite, and it can be an ingredient in cooking various healing and hunger meals.

We hope this guide on Raw Gem Quartz in Nightingale helped you out! For more content like this, visit our official Nightingale Homepage or join our Discord Channel.


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