Where To Get Glass In Nightingale

Welcome to a guide on Where to Get Glass in Nightingale. Here, we’ll talk all about how you’ll get your hands on some glass from what you need and what stations you’ll use.

glass in nightingale

Glass In Nightingale


To create some Glass in Nightingale, you’ll need two things. Raw Gem Quartz and a Smelter station. First, let’s talk about the recipe for Glass. To create Glass, you’ll need to find and mine some Raw Gem Quartz which isn’t that hard to find all over your Respite! All you have to do is look near bodies of water or high up on hillsides/mountain faces. Then, find rocks with white gems growing on them! To mine these minerals, you’ll need a Simple Mining Pick. You may also use Diamonds but it is easier and faster to use Raw Gem Quartz.

  • Glass – x2 Raw Gem Quartz.
glass recipe

After gathering the Gem Quartz, put them in the Smelter station and wait 5 seconds then, claim your Glass in Nightingale. Of course, the more Gems you put in there, the more you can create. This also means that the waiting time will increase with the amount of Glass you’re creating.

  • x2 Gems = x1 Glass (5 seconds)


smelter look

When making Glass, aside from the main ingredient of the material, we’ll need to build the station to craft Glass in the first place. The Simple Smelter. To craft this workstation, you will need the following ingredients.

  • x4 Stone Blocks
  • x6 Rocks

Rocks in Nightingale can be found all over the Realms. Bundled up into a little group of rocks, just pick them up and you’ve got yourself some rocks for crafting.

Stone Blocks can be found throughout the Realm in the form of Stone Chunks. To collect them, simply locate a small or large rock chunk and mine it. The amount of Stone Blocks that drop from a Stone Chunk varies depending on its size, ranging from 3 Stones per chunk to more than 6. You can use any Mining Pick to mine Stone Blocks.

smelter recipe

When using Glass to extract essence, Glass offers about 8 essences per 4 glasses. Quite expensive to just turn into essence but it is also an option for players looking for other uses for their leftover bottles from their last projects. In inventory form, Glass can be seen with its unique image of a handful of glass bottles bundled up together.


Glass in Nightingale has a lot of uses in the world of the game. It is a crafting material that is quite expensive to create but quite a worthwhile yield especially for recipes such as the Upgrade Station and other useful and significant recipes.


Q: What can I use Glass in Nightingale for?

A: You can use Glass for a lot of important recipes in Nightingale. Here are some examples:

  • Simple Enchanter’s Focus – used to create Realm Cards in the game. Not only do you need glass to create the Enchanter’s Focus, but you’ll also need glass to create some of the Enchanter’s Focus recipes such as Ink for Realm cards and Pigment to create Ink.
  • Alchemical Ink – used to create Realm Cards with the use of the Enchanter’s Focus station.

Q: Are there multiple ways to get Glass in Nightingale?

A: As of now, there is only one way to get glass which is through crafting withvarious ores.

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