Pax Dei Drops Their Third News Letter

After a long wait we’ve got some great news from the Pax Dei team, in their Third News Letter they detail their plans regarding a new alpha and 2024 as a whole while also looking back at the 2023 early alpha and its major lessons.

Pax Dei Drops Their Third News Letter


Seasonal Greetings Paxians! 
As the winter winds weave their magic across the lands, we gather around the hearth to share the latest tales from the realm of Pax Dei.­CES with Nvidia Early January, we had the privilege of seeing Pax Dei featured in the NVIDIA CES 2024 special address with a short but brand-new trailer!

Incidentally, we also unveiled that we plan an Early Access for this Spring (yes, the one in 2024!) (yes! The one in the northern hemisphere!). Of course, we will share more details on it in the coming weeks!  For those eager to dive deeper into the excitement and revelations from our NVIDIA CES feature, we invite you to explore the complete details in our latest blog post. ­­­­

­­­­­Alpha 2 is Coming Stirring times are on the horizon as our teams diligently craft the upcoming Alpha 2 build, scheduled for release in Q1. Stay tuned for more details, and check our support article to ensure your account is primed for action. For those forging alliances in the vast realm of Pax Dei, double-check that you and your friends share the same token. Unity is strength! If you’re looking for companionship on your journey, explore guild opportunities through our Discordrecruitment channel.

­­Where Do We Stand on Monetization
A few months have passed since Pax Dei was unveiled, and the game’s monetization strategy has consistently been a topic of interest in our community. Well, we’re still in the process of fine-tuning the intricate details. But fear not! We’re intentionally taking the time to carefully mold a system that aligns seamlessly with your gaming enjoyment.

However, we invite you to explore our perspectives on monetization and understand our approach in our dedicated blog. We added some additional information on our and many of you have already shared and discussed the different options on a thread dedicated to monetization­­­­­
Alpha 1: Home Valleys
In November, we did our first public Alpha: we lifted the confidentiality on our testers and invited more than 12,000 players to have a first taste of Pax Dei. Our two main goals were:To test and stress our tech to improve and fix issues,To test the exploring, harvesting, crafting, and building gameplay. The combat was still in a very rough stage, and if many dungeons were explorable, they were not our primary focus. Do you want more details about how it goes and watch some gameplay videos? Check some pointers below! 

Key Insights… 
Our main takeaways have been summarized in a blog on the Pax Dei Website, as well as some key (and somewhat fun) data we gathered during the two weeks of the Alpha!­­­­­­­­… and Exciting Discoveries! As you are probably more interested in the gameplay of Pax Dei, you can now simply search on YouTube for Pax Dei!

You will find dozens of videos detailing first-hand experiences and first impressions made by Content Creators from many countries.­This newsletter comes to its end. The next one should gives you more information about the Early Access. In the meantime, we wish you a joyful winter! Pax vobiscum. THIS is a rabbit...­­­­


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