Qualification of Being a Guild Leader: Sandworm Lair Quest

Embark on an enjoyable journey to become a guild leader by figuring out the mysteries hidden within the Sandworm Lair. This guide helps from discovering an ornate chest to unveiling the guild owner’s seal.

ornate chest

Qualification of Being a Guild Leader

To start on this quest, locate an ornate chest at the entrance of the Sandworm Lair. Recognize it by the tree without leaves beside it. This chest, purposefully hidden and securely locked, teases you with its keyhole, prompting the need for a key to unveil its secrets.

first ornate chest

Meeting the Overzealous Merchant

Head to the Western Gathering Campsite, where an overzealous merchant awaits. Share the tale of the discovered chest, and the merchant reveals it belongs to their leader. Hand over the chest, and the merchant, brimming with enthusiasm, provides the key to open it.

overzealous merchant

The Torn Picture

Within the chest, a torn image reveals a vital clue for your leadership quest. Combine these torn fragments with a merchant’s picture torn piece, making a pair of two pieces. The remaining two pieces are scattered in the sandworm lair, completing the set of four

2 torn pictures

Locating Additional Pieces

Discover the third piece near the entrance of the Sandworm Lair Hatchery. Turn left upon entering the cave to find the other ornate chest.

The fourth and final piece awaits in the eastern highlands of the Sandworm Lair, accessible by using a piton to reach the highland where the chest awaits.

Picture of Guild Owner

After completing the pieces and forming a picture of Queen Bellandir and the Resistance fighting. The composition of the drawing suggests that it was drawn near Queen’s Trap.

picture of guild owner

Identify an elevated location with tree branches visible. Cross the platform to find the chest holding the Guild owner’s Seal.

Guild Leader Seal

Discover an ornate seal belonging to the merchant’s leader inside the chest.

guild leader chest

Return it to the merchant, who, upon receiving the Guild Leader seal, expresses joy and confirms its authenticity. The leader emphasizes the importance of a good eye for people, assuring the group’s revival and gratitude towards your pivotal role.


Embarking on the Qualification of Being a Guild Leader quest is a metaphorical journey reflecting the intricacies of leadership. Unveil hidden clues, overcome challenges, and embody the traits of a true leader. As you deliver the Guild owner’s Seal to the merchant, you not only complete a quest but also leave a lasting impact on the group’s revival.


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