Recap on recent Pax Dei Interview 2023 and Release Date

A quick recap of the Pax Dei Interview 2023 and Release Date posted by PC Gamer. Let’s dive into the rich world of fairytales, legends, and magic that is Pax Dei by Mainframe Industries

Pax Dei Interview 2023 And Release Date

What Is Pax Dei?

Pax Dei is an MMO Social Sandbox game based on real-world Mythology, Folklore, and History mixed with fiction and adventure created by Mainframe Industries and set around Fantasy 12th – 13th Century Europe. Fairytales brought to life from the Knights and their brilliant silver armor to the fabled shape-shifting Basilisk of ancient Greece or the legendary fire-breathing Dragon!

Pax Dei is also a game where players can build a home on their own and explore the beauty and dangers of the forest or join together with other players to create a small village or city! Players also have the option to create guilds and work amongst each other to bring one another higher and higher through the ranks of life by gathering resources such as coal for the smithery and creating weapons for players to use in dungeons and hunting parties.

pax dei interview 2023 and release date - graphics

Once players spawn in the game, they will be immediately greeted with the beauty of nature set in a world much like ancient Europe.

What’s the inspiration behind Pax Dei?

Pax Dei is heavily inspired by old Europe as well as its many regions and traditions. That’s why players may notice that the weaponry, structures, and overall environment is very reminiscent of the ancient era of heroes and warriors! Aside from materials and traditions, Pax Dei’s many builds and structures also resemble that of small villages in other countries such as France with its small houses and pubs of history way back in the ancient times.

It’s like you just hopped into an entirely new timeline and era!

Release Date

Pax Dei’s announcement is still yet to be released but fans and gamers alike can expect great things from the game. Creatures to meat, quests to run, and even down to the incredibly detailed armor and weapon set of the game, the developers are working hard to deliver top-of-the-line content for all gamers to enjoy! Aside from the typical expectations players can look forward to its updates! If you think Pax Dei is already great, imagine its full potential!

Players can sign up for the Alpha Release here so as soon as the Alpha is available, players can have the chance to jump into the world of Pax Dei and discover the game’s many surprises and novelties!

They may also be able to claim unique goodies as soon as the game is on full release after joining and partaking in the alpha and all other events and updates. Of course, players who don’t sign up for the Alpha also get to enjoy the environment and the world of Pax Dei equally as those who played on the Alpha stage!

pax dei interview 2023 and release date - bear

Even if Pax Dei’s release date has still yet to be announced, the developers have already released footage of gameplay, and the graphics, as well as explained some mechanics and features in their recent interviews and discord FAQ’s.


As mentioned Pax Dei features a lot of real-world Lore as well as Mythologies such as mythic beasts and figures alike. This Sandbox MMO game also features a number of things that makes it stand out from all of the other MMO games players know and love.

Amazing Graphics!

Pax Dei features breathtaking scenery as well as a hyper-realistic environment to maximize the sense of escaping to a whole new world of fantasy and adventure.

Fret not! This doesn’t mean that the trees and nature would be the only ones being highly detailed! Players can indeed expect the many monsters and creatures as well as their avatars and tools to be looking in tip-top appearance! How so? The developers are hard at work to provide the most realistic universe for players as much as they can! As if the players we brought into a whole new realm.

pax dei interview 2023 and release date - beast

Take a look into Pax Dei’s graphics as well as the structures players can also create!

pax dei interview 2023 and release date - graphics 2

Unique Armory

Pax Dei stands for the authentic feel of 12th – 13th century Europe with their gorgeous plated armor and shining swords.

In Pax Dei, players won’t see armor with spikes and magical attributes but rather realistic and highly detailed pieces of art used for protection! Players may notice that the armor of Pax Dei heavily resembles that of a Knight’s armor way back in ancient times. This way, players stay rooted in the real world and its history as if they jumped back in time when they hop into the game.

pax dei interview 2023 and release date - armor
pax dei interview 2023 and release date - armor 2

Do they have tier systems like other games?

Yes! Pax Dei won’t have the magical designs and epic appearance with powerful glow-in-the-dark designs, spikes, etc of your usual RPG armors but instead, the armors players can trade and craft can have all kinds of different designs from special engravings to gold plating or heck, golden engravings!

pax dei interview 2023 and release date - armor 3

Wanna know what sets Pax Dei apart from all other games in the RPG genre? Its armors! As mentioned Pax Dei has several intricately designed armors that are as detailed and accurate as the real thing! With golden marks and designs based on the french armours, Pax Dei is already catching eyes with its incredible designs!


According to the Pax Dei Interview with Game Director, Reynir Hardarson, Pax Dei is an Open World Co-Op game that features clan-making and multiplayer dungeon runs.

pax dei interview 2023 and release date - kingdom

What does this mean?

This means that players indeed get to enjoy being with their buddies living in a fantasy-style world with magical creatures and epic stories to tell! Players may also choose a bit of land and raise a village with friends through the building feature.

Clan and Guild systems

Players also have the ability to create Clans and Guilds as well as use their very own system in the game! For example, players who have created Clans and Guilds can assign people to mine and bring back coal for the forgery for weapons.

pax dei interview 2023 and release date - multiplayer

Realistic Feel!

The creators and developers of Pax Dei created a world for players to discover and explore with many goodies and most notable features such as its incredibly realistic feel and environment. This way players can experience more of the feeling of escaping into a magical world far from stress and noise.

How so?

As mentioned, Pax Dei has astonishing graphics to maximize the feeling of being in the game but what makes it so special? Aside from the realistic trees, animals, and other creatures, Pax Dei also has real-world mechanics such as smithing where you need coal, silver, and other materials to create weapons and armor alike! This way, players can enjoy the work being put into crafting as if they were real blacksmiths molding heated silver to form a magnificent piece of work.

What else?

Of course, aside from materials and items, Pax Dei also features the trading option where players can trade their goods with other players and earn money or trade for the wears of their dreams! Just like the real world, trading from player to player would also be made realistic through players having the ability to travel from kingdom to kingdom just to sell, buy, and trade! Just like how it is outside of the MMO game.

Of course, expectations and info are limited so we’re only really going off of the current sneak peeks and updates. Even so, the developers never miss a beat to give us countless content!

pax dei interview 2023 and release date - scenery

What Can We Expect?

Along with everything that was mentioned, Pax Dei is intended to contain way more elements, mechanics, magic, and items such as resources and other loot to find, trade, and craft! Rest assured the developers are working to bring more surprises into the world of Pax Dei that players will surely enjoy and marvel at! For now let’s await its official release or sign up now for Pax Dei’s alpha!

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