PVP in Pax Dei

Player versus Player (PvP) is where you find conflict between human players. Typically you find the term PvP used in MMORPG’s. It’s often compared to Players versus Environment (PvE) where the player has some conflict between computer AI.

In the current build, PVP is not enabled. You can hunt, but there are no player versus player scenarios.

Combat PVP in Pax Dei

Pax Dei is planning to have PvP in the game and is planning to implement a dynamic PvEvP experience in the game. There are “safe zones” called Heartlands where you cannot PvP, this is where people can build in peace. Combat will be conducted outside of the Heartlands.

The Combat will be Action Combat.

“We’re doing action combat and aim it to be more strategic than reactive so the decisions you make before combat (gearing up – knowing the weaknesses etc) are at least as important than the ones you make during combat. It won’t be hotkey smashing but not super timing sensitive either as the goal is to make anticipation and reading the encounter more important than reaction speeds but we do want to have room for mastery.”


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