Pax Dei Shares Their Monetization Plans

After some hot topic debates Mainframe finally explained their view on monetizing Pax Dei. Monetization is still a work in progress for them as a studio meaning most of the topics discussed are still subject to change and refinement.

Monetization in Pax Dei

Monetization in Pax Dei

Greetings Paxians! Since we revealed Pax Dei a few months ago, the game’s intended business model has been a recurring conversation topic in the community. Well, we’re sorry to say that this blog will not give you the full details about the monetization for Pax Dei. Because we haven’t figured it all out — yet, and that’s on purpose. We’re still away from the full release of Pax Dei, and we want to use the time ahead to see how players engage with the game and hear from the community before we lock the model. So what are all the words below about then? This is us sharing how we’re approaching this topic to start that conversation.


Ensuring we can sustain and develop Pax Dei, in the long run, drives how we think about monetization. With this in mind, here is how we want Pax Dei’s business model to look when we’ll be reaching the 1.0 release: a core consisting of:

  • a one-off initial purchase of the game
  • a regular fee for maintaining active player status and in-game plot(s)

supplemented with:

  • free, but limited, access to discover the game
  • fully optional additional services added down the line
  • we’re also considering a Token (WoW) or PLEX (Eve Online) -like system
Monetization in Pax Dei

Community Concerns

After the announcement the community would break out into something close to world war 3, on one front we had the avid mainframe defenders while on the other side there was a substantial amount of hatred directly mostly toward the “Subscription model” and the notion players would have to pay a subscription fee to keep their plots upkept. Mainframe would later clarify this would not be the case and instead mentioned this was a mechanic to stop the world from being permanently claimed by no longer playing players. How this will all look is another thing which for now even Mainframe themselfs don’t yet fully know.

Monetization in Pax Dei

Some clarifications:

  • You sub: you keep your plots alive and building intact, if you stop, the building will deteriorate eventually and the plot will be removed

If you come back before it happens, nothing will have changed for you.

  • Demo: free limited access to the game, to be defined later
  • Potential microtransactions: cosmetics, shard transfer, nothing that will give players an advantages
  • PLEX/Token: still discussing the idea, no guarantee if it will happen or not

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