Skills in Pax Dei


Pax Dei has taken the approach to skills with “You learn by doing.” This means things in gear and weapons might require you to have a skill of a certain level to activate. 

The outcomes of crafting and some other actions are influenced by your skill level. Crafting doesn’t simply map to a recipe having a skill level requirement, as opposed to having a crafting difficulty rating and the outcome depends on your skill level. There is no feature right now for learning from books, but this is in the plans.

Crafting Skills

Crafting skills are some of the foundation skills for anyone wanting to survive the world of Pax Dei. As seen in the image below there are a variety of skills to level up and master. Leveling up Crafting skills will play a huge role in Guilds and their construction of trading towns and routes.

AlchemyA form of chemistry. Transmutation of matter. Potions and Elixers.
BuildingAbility to build bigger and better structures. Can build more detailed and intriquet items and buildings.
Leatherworking The use of leather to make armor, clothes, and bags.
CookingCrafting of meals and rations.
TailoringThe use of silk and cloth to craft items and clothes.
BlacksmithingCrafting of armor and weapons.
FletchingPreparation of arrows and bolts.
Jewelerycrafting Crafting of rings, amulets, earings, etc..
BakingCrafting of deserts and pasteries.
CharcuteriePreparing of cured meats and meat products.
MiningUsing a pickaxe to gather ores.
TanningThe preparation of raw hides into leather.
WoodcuttingChopping of trees and wood preparation.

Combat Skills

If crafting is not your thing and you prefer exploring and battling the dangers outside the Heartlands or within dungeons, then mastering the different Combat Skills is what you will want to strive for. As seen below there are a wide range of weapons for you to master as well as skills to help in combat such as Dodging, Sprinting, and Blocking.

Hand AxesOne-handed axes that can be wielded with one hand. Commonly used with a shield.
One Handed ClubsClubs that can be wielded with one hand. Commonly used with a shield.
One Handed SwordsA large axe that uses 2 hands to wield it.
Two-Handed ClubsA large club that uses 2 hands to wield it.
Two Handed ClubsA large sword that uses 2 hands to wield it.
Two-Handed AxesA large sword that uses 2 hands to weild it.
BlockTo use a shield/weapon to block and attack.
BowsRanged weapon that shoots arrows.
DodgeAvoiding an attack.
JumpTo jump.
Melee AttackAttacking with melee weapon.
Ranged AttackAttacking with a ranged weapon.

We will be updating this section as the game develops and more is shared by the devs.


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