Throne And Liberty Shows New Gameplay At G-STAR 2023

During day three of the six day G-STAR 2023 Expo we got to check out some extended and new PvE gameplay for Throne And Liberty, We got to see a several levels of the solo dungeons, 6 man party dungeon , guild raid boss example and the games reworked combat and UI. All of this was delivered to us in an action packed 30 minute segment during the G-STAR 2023 Expo.

G-STAR 2023

As with any new gameplay we spend months looking forward to it, G-STAR 2023 did not disappoint. NC-Soft put on quite the show for in order to properly showcase their upcoming release Throne And Liberty ahead of its Korean release date on December 7. G-STAR 2023 also had plenty of other sneak peaks we might have covered on our NEWS page.

Tidal’s Tower (Single player instanced dungeon)

Floor 11

The G-STAR 2023 demo starts us off in Tidal’s Tower on the 11th floor, the player is faced with a mini boss akin to a centaur meets dragon. Each floor has a mini boss with unique mechanics, Floor 11 offers a mini maze theme. The boss appears to have long telegraphed attacks and summons a maze for the player to complete 3 times during the engagement. We also get to see the parry mechanic we got to see in the latest weapon showcases in action for the first (second) time. After defeating the Floor 11 Mini Boss a portal to floor 12 opens in the middle of the arena.

The Mini Boss pulls the player to the middle of the arena and then proceeds to spawn a maze, the player has to leave the maze before getting hit by the Mini boss using its wipe mechanic. This maze gets more complicated the longer the engagement goes on for so speed is as important as sustain.

Floor 8

Jumping back over to floor 8 we get to see a player face off against a ranged humanoid Mini Boss, this boss appears to have several fire base attacks as opposed to the last bosses void based ones. We once more get to see the player parry an attack this time from a ranged weapon confirming you can in fact parry ranged.

The Mini Boss throws the player up in the air while bursting the arena under them into flame, the player can use their flying morph to stay in the air just long enough to find the save spot left over after the firey explosion. Failing this mechanic is a wipe.

Cursed Ignorance (6 player instanced dungeon)

After a brief overview off the players active and passive skills and a reminder that Throne And Liberty will not follow the usual Golden Trinity we dive into the first 6 player dungeon we have ever seen: Cursed Ignorance, we get to see another boss fight this time against what i can only describe as an eldritch horror. This boss features another great set of mechanics including a mechanic forcing the player to keep rotating in one of 3 “blocks” to avoid the purple vomit.

Throne And Liberty Shows New Gameplay At G-STAR 2023

Archboss Tehben(Guild Raid)

This instance is a little different from the last two, requiring all of your guilds co-operation to successfully pull off. We’ve seen Tehben before in some of the games earlier trailers, a big skeletal beast with big meaty attacks. The instance starts off with Tehben jumping down and launching the raid into the air, the players swap to their flying morph to avoid fall damage. Tehben has a large amount of unique attacks including a charge which sends him dashing across the arena. Tehben will curse the player at random intervals forcing the player to jump in the nearby water to cleans themselves of the adverse affects of the poison, failing to do so will be deadly in the long term. After Tehben is defeated each member of the raid gets their individual rewards as well as a chance to roll for a rare drop found floating at the location of Tehbens now lifeless body.

Throne And Liberty Cinematic

This G-STAR 2023 gameplay comes right after we got to see another great Cinematic “Trailer” earlier this week, The world of Throne And Liberty is really heating up ahead of the Korean release on December 7th. Hopefully the global community can expect word from Amazon Games regarding a global release date soon!

For those of you trying to find out all they can about Throne And Liberty ahead of their Korean release on December 7th make sure to check out our Throne and Liberty HOMEPAGE, or ask any questions you may have on our DISCORD including those about G-STAR 2023.


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