Where To Get Alchemical Ink In Nightingale

Welcome to a guide on how to get Alchemical Ink in Nightingale or as referred to as just “Ink”. Here, we’ll discuss everything you need and the process to get some ink for your projects! Let’s get started.

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Alchemical Ink In Nightingale


Alchemical Ink in Nightingale requires two ingredients and one station for its creation. For its recipe, you will need x1 Refined Pigment and x1 Glass. Both of these ingredients also need quite a process to create. As a bonus, we have included complete information on both items.

  • x1 Refined Pigment
  • x1 Glass


Now let’s talk about the station you’ll need to use to create Alchemical Ink in Nightingale. The Simple Mortar Station. The Simple Mortar station is a small tool that you can use to grind up materials and make them into something more! An example is, of course, Alchemical Ink which is just made of some gems and other items such as Meat and Berries turned into Pigment. If you don’t have a Mortar Station, here’s exactly how you can get one.

  • Visit the Essence Trader – if you don’t have the recipe for this station yet, you can purchase the blueprint from the Essence Trader in your Respite.
  • x3 Lumber – created using the Saw Table to process some wood bundles in the game.
  • x8 Fiber – created using the Tanning Station to process meat in the game.

Once you have everything for this station, go ahead and go to your Guidebook and then go to the Building section. From there, you can then select the Mortar Station and place it anywhere you like and craft.

mortar station

Refined Pigment Recipe

As mentioned, for ink, you will only need one station. That station will also be needed for Refined Pigment. The Simple Mortar Station. To create Refined Pigment for some Ink in Nightingale, you must first make some Pigment. Pigment can be made using the following items as listed.

mortar station

This means, that if you have any of these items, you can create pigment. The easiest ones to get are Tin Ore and some Berries as they can be easily farmed outside of your home. Once you’ve got some Pigment, then, you’re one step closer to creating Alchemical Ink in Nightingale.

Glass Recipe

Now moving on to the final ingredient in the Alchemical Ink recipe. Glass. This one is pretty straightforward although, you’ll need a different station to create this material. You will need the Simple Smelter. If you already have one, great! We can get ahead! Now, to create Glass, you will need to mine some Raw Gem Quartz. Afterward, proceed to your smelter and create glass.

  • x2 Raw Gem Quartz.

Crafting Alchemical Ink

Now that you have all of your materials for this item, it’s time to craft some Ink! To do this, go back to your Simple Mortar Station and interact with it. From there, you should be able to see the recipe for Alchemical Ink. To make it easier for you, you can click “Autofill” and the game will automatically fill in the ingredients, and then, click Craft. Wait about 3 seconds and you’re done! You’ve got some Alchemical Ink in Nightingale for your projects.


Q: Is the Alchemical Ink important in the game?

A: Yes, actually it is one of the most important items in Nightingale as you need it to create Realm Cards for your travels from realm to realm.

Q: Is there another way to obtain Ink?

A: As far as we know, no. The only way to obtain Alchemical ink or Ink in Nightingale is by crafting. This could change with the updates to come in the game but for now, crafting is the way.

We hope this guide on Alchemical Ink in Nightingale helped you out! For more content like this, visit our official Nightingale Homepage or join our Discord Channel.


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