Exciting Pax Dei Second Alpha Phase Announcement

Pax Dei Second Alpha Phase has been announced along with its launch date. After the first Alpha Phase took place, the creators of the game took a lot of steps to ensure smooth gameplay and experience for the players in the future. Now, we’re entering the next phase to test out what the creators have learned so far! Here is everything know of the Pax Dei Second Alpha Phase announcement.

pax dei second alpha phase

Pax Dei Second Alpha Phase Announcement Date

The Pax Dei creators are quick to work on the game and its many challenges. Even so, they still managed to deliver. After the first Pax Dei Alpha Phase “Home Valley“, the creators received a lot of feedback on what to change, what to add, and what to adjust. For the Pax Dei Second Alpha Phase, a lot of these changes would already be implemented such as Plot fixes, bugs, as well as earthquake adjustments and other community and game updates.

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Phase Launch Date

Now, the exciting part! When is the Pax Dei Second Alpha Phase? As announced in the official Pax Dei discord, the Pax Dei Second Alpha Phase Announcement will be released in the first quarter of 2024. That’s right! Pax Dei’s second Alpha Phase will be released in early 2024 for testers. Feedback will also be given and some aspects may also be subjected to reworks and changes as the game is still in development. However, rest assured that every feedback is read and worked through! Mark your calendars and get your games ready, testers.

Want to join the Pax Dei Second Alpha Phase? Sign up now via the official game page and get to be part of the numerous testers to experience Pax Dei and all its glory!

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Where can I join the next Alpha Phase for Pax Dei?

Players can join in the next Pax Dei Alpha Phase via the official game’s site and by clicking ” Alpha sign up”

Where can I get news and announcements?

Players can find updated information in the following links below:

Will there be any significant changes compared to the first Alpha Phase of the game?

As there was numerous feedback on bugs, fixes, and reworks, some aspects of the game such as adjustments have been made to further the gameplay experience for all of its players. However, there weren’t any HUGE changes that may affect that player’s gameplay and experience negatively.

What else can we expect from the next Phase after the former Alpha Phase?

Players are to expect changes in nature, mechanics such as land plots and natural events in the map, and so much more that will make life in Pax Dei a tad bit more real. With that being said, upon the next Phase after the Pax Dei Second Alpha Phases, there will also be large changes and adjustments after feedback from testers to be expected although that is for the future.

We hope you enjoyed our latest on the Pax Dei Second Alpha Phase! To learn more, stay tuned in our official discord channel or take a peek at our Pax Dei official Homepage! Don’t forget to check out more of Pax dei on their official videogame site.


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