Climbing the Ancient Spire in Nomad Highlands in Enshrouded

The Ancient Spires in Enshrouded are essentially your fast travel points, so activating them is one of your top priorities in Enshrouded. In this Guide we are going to walk you through climbing the Ancient Spire in Nomad Highlands.

The Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire is located North East of your starting location, by the time you reach this location you will probably be around level 10-15 or so. Our video does a good job of showing you the location if you want to speed run there.

Navigating up the Ancient Spire in Nomad Highlands

Just as you did in all the other Ancient Spires before this one, as you approach into to the red teleporter at the bottom of the Spire, this will teleport you inside ready for your ascent up the spire.

Floor 1

Right away on floor 1 you are going to need to active 4 Light Switches to gain entry to the door infront of us. Lets get these switches.

Switch 1

Stand infront of the door with 4 lights above it and look to your left, you will see the first switch in the distance. You are going to need a bow to shoot it and activate it.

Switch 2

You will find Switch two by standing next to the teleporter you came in on and looking to the side, again you are going to need a bow and arrow to shoot this one to activate it!

Switch 3

The third switch can be found by going down stairs and through the door, take a right turn and head through the door at the end of the corridor, be careful of the spikes in the next room! As you make it to the middle of the room between all the spikes, take a look up, you will see Switch 3.

Switch 4

In the same position you are in for Switch 3, turn around and look up at the opposite side of the room and you will see switch 4.

Before heading into the teleporter, we recommend you heading back to the first door you saw with the 4 lights above it, inside here you will find a nice gold treasure chest waiting for you. Once you have the chest you can drop down below to head into the teleporter onto Floor 2.

Floor 2

Welcome to Floor 2 of the Ancient Spire in Nomad Highlands. We recommend you break all the vases around the rooms becasue they contain nice loot and sometimes rare loot.

Switch 1

As you enter the room, to your right you will see a grapple point, head over and then turn around, below you will see the first switch, you will need to head down and activate this by pressing the button, it cannot be activated with an arrow.

Once the switch is active, head back up to the grapple point and follow the corridors along until you reach a large room with lots of spikes on the floor.

Switch 2

You will find the second switch on the floor at the end of the room beyond the floor of spikes! Again, this is a switch you will need to head over and press to activate it. This will open the door in the room to the next teleporter.

Floor 3

Welcome to Floor 3. We’re near the top now, not much longer to go! We reommend going around and breaking the vases again as they may contain nice loot for you!

Get started by heading across the spiked floor and up the mesh climbing wall, be careful at the top as there are some super hot lava balls rolling in the next room!

Switch 1

The switch can be found at the end of the Fire Larva ball corridor on the left hand side as you jump over the larva balls. Once you activate the switch you can head back down and go through the door.

Switch 2

A tricky one, filled with even more spikes out to kill you! As you progress through the door into the room you are going to need to run and jump around the corridor until you come across the switch. Once you activate this switch it should stop the spikes and open the door for you.

As you make your way through the door you are met with a lava floor and a climbing wall. You are going to need to take a run up to this and jump onto the platform and then again onto the climbing wall at the back.

Once you are safely up the wall you are going to need to perform a double grapple across to find Switch 3.

Switch 3

Switch 3 can be found just after the double grapple, and thats it. Well done! Head through the final portal and you’ve made it to the top of the Ancient Spire at Nomads Highlands.

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