Climbing The Ancient Spire In Kindlewastes

Looking to conquer the Ancient Spire in Kindlewastes? Get through each challenge and obstacle with us. Get ready!

ancient spire in kindlewastes

Navigating up the Ancient Spire In Kindlewastes

As with all other Ancient Spires in Enshrouded, you must get through each room and set of traps and parkour to get to the next until you get to the top. Here, we’ll show just how to get every switch and move up the levels quickly. Let’s begin.

Floor 1

For the first floor, you will have to find and press a total of 2 switches to move to the next room/floor.

Switch 1

Right off the bat, from the teleported platform, move to the edge of the floor and look to your right where there should be a set of stairs. Carefully jump to the set of stares and from there, the first switch will greet you. Use your bow and arrow to press the switch.

r1 s1

Switch 2

After pressing the first switch for floor 1, head up the stairs to the left. The stairs should take you up to the higher platform of the room.

stairs up

Once you’re up on the second floor of the room, go to the edge of the platform and carefully make your way to the room below and the right of it. This is as seen in the image below.

to the next room
next room to the switch

Once you land down safely, enter the room and take the stairs which should lead you to a hall of floor spikes. Carefully make your way across and turn left.

floor of spikes

Immediately as you get up the stairs, you should be able to see the second switch for this floor. Once this switch has been pressed, it should open the door to the portal platform that takes you to the next floor.


Floor 2

Switch 1

As soon as you spawn into the second room, you’ll immediately see the first switch to press. Use your bow again to press this first switch. After getting the switch, proceed to go right. Be careful!

r2 s1

Switch 2

After heading right from the first switch of floor two, turn right again, and at the end of the hallway is the second switch to press for this floor. Watch your step and avoid getting caught by the spikes by jumping and running.

2nd switch 2 floor

Switch 3

After pressing the second switch, go back to the portal and this time, go left. There you should see a door that has a light indicator on top of it.

left turn
locked door.

From that door, look to your right where there is an openable door. Open it and enter the next room.

door open

As you enter the room, you’ll notice another locked door that requires one switch. To get there, head to the right climb up the wall, and then look to your left where you’ll then have to cross another set of floor spikes.

wall climb

Cross safely until you get to the end of the hall. Then, look across the room!

floor spikes
switch 2

To press the switch, use your bow and shoot it which will open the door on the bottom level which should lead you to the switch to open the door that leads to the next obstacle. A room of fire!

door switch

To get to the climbing wall to the left of the room, avoid the lava and jump on the platforms carefully. If you fall, you won’t die immediately but it WILL hurt! It will be easier if you double jump but if not, use the platforms to your advantage or try to close the distance by jumping from the first platform to the other closest to the climbing wall.

lava room
climb up

After climbing the wall to the higher platform, take the portal to the next room.


Floor 3

Special Chest

From the portal platform, cross the gap using your grappling hook and then turn left.

As you turn left, you’ll notice a climbing wall. We will not be climbing that just yet so proceed to jump down to the lower area so we can gather more items along the way such as chests and other goodies.


In the room below, there are several obstacles you will need to get through. First, cross this section of the room. Wait for the fireballs to spawn and roll so you can follow behind them and avoid getting crushed.

lava ball

From there, head left and carefully cross the hall and avoid the floor spikes. be sure to check each balcony for goodies and chests to open.

floor spikes

From there, turn left and there should be another set of obstacles. To safely avoid the fireballs, it is suggested to time it correctly and repeat the same method for the fireballs and immediately turn to the left and open the door after crossing the set of floor spikes as seen in the image below. It isn’t required but opening this door makes it easier to avoid the fireballs.

From there, time it again and head to the marked area in the image below. This is where you can press the switch to open the door to the chest room. Afterwards, claim your prize and we can then continue forward to the end of the Ancient Spire in Kindlewastes.

chest room.

Completing The Ancient Spire In Kindlewastes

Now, we can proceed. Head back to the wall where you jumped down and then get back up.


From there, walk forward and turn to the left where you will then have to cross the gap. Double jumping makes this step easier.


After crossing, cross to the next platform again and use the portal platform where you will then be transported to the end of the Ancient Spire in Kindlewastes. After using the portal, make sure to commune with the flame and use the fast travel!

jump across 2

Ancient Spire In Kindlewastes Walkthrough

Friendly reminder for the Ancient Spire in Kindlewastes, be sure to wreck the pots, vases, and all kinds of stuff around the room as they may contain ores, bandages, and other useful items for your game.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the Ancient Spire in Kindlewastes. If you found this helpful, check out our Enshrouded Homepage. You can join our Community Discord as well to keep up-to-date with everything Enshrouded!


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