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Enshrouded has hit the gaming world by storm and it has been a really impressive game. Enshrouded has many quests, lore, materials, and areas to explore. One such thing is Classes. While Enshrouded does not have your typical ‘class’ system it has different types of playstyles that you can spec into depending on the role you want to play.

Classes skill tree

The Different Types of Classes in Enshrouded

There are 12 different types of class skill trees in Enshrouded. Each path has its strengths but will lack in other areas. We will go through a few different classes and what their purpose is.


The typical tank is known as this big, heavy, beefy individual that can absorb a lot of damage. To be a tank in Enshrouded is not just standing with your shield out and blocking and taunting. It takes some skill to master as you need to be able to keep enemies on you while managing your stamina. Below is an early-mid-game tank build.

Tank Skills
Tank Skills 2

This build allows for a big health pool as well as damage and mobility. To complement this build you can use the Tank Set early game and the Warden Set later on.

Tank Set

Tank Helmet
Tank Chestplate
Tank Gloves
Tank Trousers
Tank Boots

Warden Set

Warden Helmet
Warden Chestplate
Warden Gloves
Warden Trousers
Warden Boots

Melee DPS

Melee DPS classes are formidable forces and boast high damage as well as some tankiness. We will be looking at the Warrior and Barbarian Skill Tree.

Melee DPS Skill Tree

This build focuses on mobility, damage, and vulnerability. You can use the Adventurer Set for the early game and the Soldier Set for mid-game.

Adventurer Set

Soldier Set

Ranged DPS


Bows have always been a great ranged weapon in every game. In Enshrouded it is a great weapon and the Ranger and Assassin Skill Tree enhance it even more. Below is an example of a full glass cannon Ranger build.

This build focuses on doing a ton of damage as well as being sneaky and attacking enemies when they are unaware. To complement this build you can use the Marksman Set in the early game and the Deerstalker Set mid-game.

Marksman Set

Marksman Hood
Marksman Vest
Marksman Gloves
Marksman Trousers
Marksman Boots

Deerstalker Set

Deerstalker Hood
Deerstalker Chest
Deerstalker Gloves
Deerstalker Trousers
Deerstalker Boots


Mage classes have always been a widely loved class. Being able to cast magic and spells as well as teleport all over the place is enough to get anyone excited to play a Mage. Below is a recommended early-mid-game build.

This build focuses on massive magic damage as well as mobility and being able to use all the elemental spells to their full potential. To complement this build you can use the Mage Set for the early game and the Archmage Set for mid-game.

Mage Set

Mage Hat
Mage Chest
Mage Gloves
Mage Trousers
Mage Boots

Archmage Set

Archmage Hat
Archmage Chest
Archmage Gloves
Archmage Trousers
Archmage Boots


The Healer Class is an important one as it can help keep your teammates alive when fighting groups of enemies or bosses. Below is a recommended healing build for early-mid-game.

Healer Skill Tree
Healer Skill Tree 2

This build focuses on big heals, quick casting, healing auras, and some defensive. To complement this build you can use the Healer Set in the early game and the Sage Set mid-game.

Healer Set

Healer Headwrap
Healer Tunic
Healer Gloves
Healer Pants
Healer Boots

Sage Set

Sage Headwrap
Sage Tunic
Sage Gloves
Sage Pants
Sage Boots

Classes Conclusion

Choosing your direction in Enshroudeds skill tree can be a challenge at times. You can go the traditional way of classes or you can make a hybrid class that suits your playstyle. It is always best to play a style that you enjoy playing with. Enshrouded has a whole bunch of gear sets that we will have listed for you soon!

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