Where To Find Lapis Lazuli In Enshrouded

In need of some Lapis Lazuli in Enshouded? Follow our complete and step-by-step guide to finding and farming this beautiful mineral. Let’s begin.

lapis lazuli in enshrouded

Lapis Lazuli In Enshrouded


Let’s get familiarized with the material’s appearance before we proceed. In its raw in-game form, Lapis Lazuli stands out from all the other ores and elements. Shining with its dark blue color, this mineral grows in many shapes and sizes. Once players have mined Lapis Lazuli, they can see more of its blue beauty up close!

Finding Lapis Lazuli In Enshrouded

Location 1 – Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire

Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves with the appearance of Lapis Lazuli, let’s get on the path to finding our own. To begin, we must first start at the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire. This way, we have a better view and a good place to start. Starting at an ancient spire makes it easier to handle direction and travel at longer distances.

starting loc

Head South

From the Ancient Spire, head a bit south to the given marked location. Using your glider from the spire helps a great deal.

lapis lazuli marker

Follow The Path

After gliding, you should be able to land by the Vukah Cave Passage and then, follow the path moving forward. Remember, keep heading South until you reach the next destination.

vukah cave passage

Be prepared as you may find some enemies along the way.

Cliff Edge

At the end of the path, you should come up on a cliff. From there, you will have to jump down and glide to safely land.

Mining Lapis Lazuli

Once you land, the first cluster of Lapis Lazuli should be near the large bone-like structure.

Bone Structure
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli In Enshrouded – Location 2

Now, let’s visit another location. Nearby, a bit Southeast of the first location is another cluster you can mine. Make your way to the marked location and we highly suggest that you place down a Flame Alter near either one or both of the locations to make travel and farming easier. The run to the next location isn’t so long so you should arrive at the next cluster shortly.

location 2
loc 2

Finding Lapis Lazuli Walkthrough

We hope you found this guide on where to find Lapis Lazuli in Enshrouded helpful to your farming experience. If you’d like more Enshrouded content like this, dive into our official game Homepage where you’ll find more guides, news, and more! Join our official Discord Channel!


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