Hearts of Iron Quest in Enshrouded

The Hearts of Iron Quest is given to you by the Blacksmith. It is a quest in pursuit of Iron Ore. This guide will show you how to get it done in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Starting Location

You want to start from the Kindlewastes Spire to make travel time shorter and easier. You want to head South West to Ridgeback Mines.

Kindlewastes Spire
Hearts of Iron Quest Location

You will be gliding from the spire into the shroud. Note that if this shroud is red you will need to upgrade your Flame to Level 5. If you do not upgrade it, you will die as you enter it.

Red Shroud

Notice the 2 different shroud colors in the image above. We are heading into the grey/white shroud. If it looks like the shroud on the left then you will die.

Glide into the shroud and look for the Shroud Root. You want to destroy this to give better vision and so you do not have to worry about your shroud timer. Note that there is a Fell Sicklescythe enemy at the shroud root. This enemy is extremely strong and can kill you very quickly if you are not careful.

Shroud Root
Fell Sicklescythe

We advise you to try not to draw its attention if possible, especially if you are a solo player. Once you have destroyed the Shroud Root look around for an Iron Node. Mine the node to complete the Hearts of Iron quest.

Congratulations on completing the Hearts of Iron quest! You are now able to farm Iron Ore which will help you progress further in Enshrouded!

Hearts of Iron Video Walkthrough

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