How To Get Farm Soil In Enshrouded

Start your crops using the best Farm Soil in Enshrouded. Need a hand to get some? We’ll help you!

farm soil in enshrouded

Where To Get Farm Soil In Enshrouded

To get farm soil in Enshrouded, you must first have 2 NPCs in the game. Alchemist and Farmer. Alchemist makes a tool to create one of the ingredients to make Farm Soil and Farmer makes Farm Soil for you! To begin, let’s discuss everything you’ll need for this item.

What Do You Need For Farm Soil In Enshrouded?

Is it hard to obtain farm soil? Nope! You will only need 2 ingredients and one tool.

  • 7x Dirt
  • 3x Bonemeal
  • Grinding Stones (Obtainable through your Alchemist NPC)

How Do You Make Farm Soil?


The easiest ingredient to gather is dirt! How do you get it? Use your pickaxe on dirt! From there, you should be able to gather a handful of dirt.


Once you’ve got your dirt, you must get some bone for your bonemeal. To get bones, you can hunt some animals such as rabbits or wolves, or fight enemies in the Shroud. Either way, killing prey in general will drop your bones! Another alternative would be visiting ruins and looking for skeletons and bones lying around. If you see skeletons, use your weapon and break it apart. It should drop bones as well.

Bones To The Grinding Stones

Once you’ve gathered your bones, it’s time to grind it up into fine powder. If you don’t have a grindstone yet, the only way to get this tool is through the Alchemist NPC. Talk to your Alchemist and he will help you make one. This item only requires 2 ingredients to make. If you already have one, goodie! Now, place your bones in the Grinding Stones and watch it work!

grinding stones

Farm Soil

Gather up your dirt and bonemeal and make your way to your farmer NPC. From there, interact with her and you should be able to see “Farm Soil” in the list of items she offers! After that, claim your prize!

farm soil made

Farm Soil In Enshrouded Walkthrough

We hope you found this guide to Farm Soil helpful! We wish you the best on your crops! If you’d like more content like this, visit our Enshrouded Homepage for more guides, news, and other latest! Join our Discord Channel and say hi!


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