How To Get Sandstone In Enshrouded

In need of Sandstone in enshrouded? We’ll show you exactly how to get it and where to go from beginning to end. So what are we waiting for?

sandstone in enshrouded

Sandstone In Enshrouded

What Do You Need To Mine It?

Like any other material in Enshrouded, you will need a tool to harvest them. In this case, Sandstone is just like Stone or any other Stone. You will need a PIckaxe to mine. Any type and quality of pickaxe will do wonders even if you just used the pickaxe you start with in the game.


Mining Sandstone

Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire

To start, from your home base, head over to the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire. From there, head Southeast. You should be able to see the Red Mountains. That is where we will get Sandstone.

nomad highlands spire
From the Nomad Highlands Spire in the image above, the red markers are where you need to go.

Red Mountains

As you look far, you will be able to see the Red Mountains where you can get both Sandstone and Sand. There are other places like this all around the area but as this is the easier one, we will make this an example. Always pick locations closest to spires! From afar, the Red Mountains easily blend in with Limestone but you can still completely tell it apart. An example of this is shown in the image below. Our mining location is right next to a Limestone mountain. Up close, it is easier to tell. To tell them apart from afar, just look a bit closer and you’ll see that it has a more orange color rather than Limestone’s gray.

red mt

Fanning Ranch

From the spire, jump off and glide! You can glide to Fanning Ranch. If not, head there on foot. Fanning Ranch will be your indicator that you’re getting closer and closer. Once you hit Fanning Ranch, you should be able to see the mounds and mounds of Sand and Sandstone. You can also use this area as a pitstop to sleep on a bed if you arrive at night. It’s dangerous out there! Fanning Ranch does not have many enemies but still, it is best to keep ready and keep our guards up.

Continue Heading Southeast

Continue Southeast until you reach the Red Mountains. There, you will have fields and fields of sandstone in Enshrouded to mine away. So get your pickaxe and inventories ready! While mining, it is recommended that you keep your weapon ready as there are still some enemies lurking around the area like Bats or the Shroud monsters.

sandstone mining



Q: Is Sandstone in Enshrouded necessary for the whole game?

A: Yes! For some tools and crafting recipes, you will need to mine and process Sandstone.

Q: Will there be a lot of Sandstone in the location you gave?

A: Yes! The location given in this article is more than enough for your journeys so ready your pickaxes!

Q: Is there a way to shorten travel time between my base and the farming location?

A: If you’re a player that has not reached the spire or preferred to open the spire AFTER you collected your Sandstone, traveling on foot and placing a Flame Alter does the trick but for the sake of loot and goodies, it is more suggested to take the Nomad Highlands Spire.

Q: Should I use a high-quality axe for Sandstone in Enshroudedo?

A: There is no difference in the type of pickaxes to use for Sandstone in Enshrouded. You can use a high-quality axe like bronze etc or you could also settle for the cheaper option and use the normal pickaxe. Either one fits well.

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