How To Get String In Enshrouded

Are you in need of String in Enshrouded for your various builds? We will discuss the different ways of getting string as well as how to farm it.

string in enshrouded

How To Get String In Enshrouded


One of the 3 ways you can get string in Enshrouded is of course, by crafting your own! For String, you will only need one ingredient.

  • 3x Plant Fiber

To get some plant fiber, run out your base, and from there, there should be bushes and other smaller plants nearby. Collect it and it should give you a handful of plant fiber! This is shown in the following images below. Open fields are the best places to look for some of these bushes as open fields give you more of a view over everything on the ground although we doubt you will have much trouble!

collecting fiber
collecting fiber
collecting fiber

Once you’ve got your plant fiber, go ahead and go to your crafting menu and craft String. The more you craft the better it is.

string craft

From Items

In some areas of the game, old houses have barrels, boxes, and other items scattered around the rooms. Here, all you have to do is destroy them with a blunt weapon and the boxes will indeed drop loot. Sometimes, you may get string but you may also get random loot like Cloth, water, or even wood logs. This method of getting string in the game isn’t as efficient but it’s still one of the few ways you can get string aside from crafting. Aside from wrecking stuff, you can also find them scattered about the rooms and shelves.

looting string
In this image, we managed to get the chance to loot string from destroying some boxes. Along with the string, some wood logs and planks were also dropped.

Aside from destroying some furniture and storage items you may also find string lying around in the houses themselves. In this case, you will not need to destroy a lot of items in the house to get some loot. You just have to pick it up! This is also not a very common case as some houses may not even have string lying around.

From Enemies

The most dangerous way to get string is to battle your enemies head-on. Specifically, spider enemies. To do this, you must first locate Hidden Tomb Entrances. The best one to find as enemies and mobs replenish over time is the Hidden Tomb Entrance North of the Springlands Ancient Spire. Here, you will encounter an army of Spiders that have settled into the Tomb. Defeat them and you will get a handful of string from their bodies! Aside from string, you will also get a handful of critter parts. Over time, these spider enemies respawn and replenish in the Tomb so it is highly suggested to put down a Flame Alter for faster travel and farming.

map en
hidden tomb

Some enemies in here can be difficult to fight so have some potions on you just in case.

spider enemy for string


In total, the easiest way to get String in Enshrouded is to just make your own. Finding a couple of bushes isn’t that difficult and finding a lot of Fiber to create string will give you more string. We just included other rather interesting alternatives to finding some string in Enshrouded! Any one of these is a good way to stock up.

String Walkthrough

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