Where To Find The Vukah Brawler Head In Enshrouded

Claim the Vukah Brawler Head the fastest way you can. Here, we will show you how to stand triumphant against this harrowing beast of an enemy! Let’s begin.

vukah brawler head battle

Vukah Brawler Head

What Is The Vukah Brawler?

The Vukah Brawler is the champion of one of the civilizations of Enshrouded. Standing grand and tall above the players, the Vukah Brawler is one of the more powerful enemies in the game with its brutish attacks and strong defense. With an enemy like this, you would think, “How do I bring this thing down?”. We’ll show you exactly how.

brawler 1

Defeat The Vukah Brawler

To claim the Vukah Brawler head, you must of course bring the Brawler down. The best way to do this is to avoid its attacks and defeat it by hitting back opportunistically. Don’t risk too much! This boss has attacks that can break through shielding and damage you greatly so it is best to keep a short to medium distance. We suggest using blunt, bladed weapons, and Fire damage as it is suitable for the distance and movement you’ll need to do and this is effective against the Brawler.


The Brawler’s Mages

The Vukah Brawler has mages that heal him over time. Target the mages first while defending yourself and occasionally hitting back at the brawler. Taking down the mages will make it easier for you to defeat the Vukah Brawler and claim the Vukah Brawler Head Trophy.

brawlers mages

The mages aren’t much of a problem as they don’t fight back. If they do, they do minimal damage, however, they distract you from the bigger fighter! So remember to keep an eye on the brawler while you take them out.

Vukah Brawler Movements

Two Combo

When attacking the Vukah Brawler, this move consists of a one-two combo where he punches players with his right hand and then left. This attack is fully avoidable and can be defended with a shield. The Brawler also gives a little hint as to when he’s about to release this attack!

right hand
left hand

Jump Attack

Now, this attack only happens if you run a bit too far from the Vukah Brawler. If so, he will jump towards you and land with a devastating attack due to his sheer size and weight. This attack can be dodged by double jumping, running, and gliding but it’s rather difficult since it’s fast. It is highly recommended to prepare some health potions before entering battle just for this attack alone.

jump attack
jump attack 2

Defense Piercing Attack

This attack is one of the more damaging ones like his Jump Attack. Here, the Vukah Brawler stomps his foot before hitting you again with a powerful punch. After using his stomp attack, he will unleash a punch that lands over your head and hits you despite your shield being raised. If you are hit by this, you will take a considerable amount of damage. It isn’t impossible to dodge although due to his speed, it’s just a bit difficult. For this move, ready your potions as well. To avoid this, watch his stomp attack. As soon as he raises his foot, run away immediately or the punch will catch and damage you.

stomp attacl

His stomp attack is more of a distracting attack. If you are caught by his stomp, you will not have enough time to avoid and anticipate his deadly punch from above you. Shield yourself from his foot and run away as fast as you can.

heavy punch


Among his attacks, the Vukah Brawler can defend himself by balling up into his tight defense position. Here, he is low on the ground and quite vulnerable. When he is in this state, attack as much and as strong as you can. He does not attack you in this form so take the opportunity to deal as much damage while he’s down. The Vukah Brawler stays in this form for approximately 7 seconds before rising back up for an attack.


Claiming The Vukah Brawler Head

Once you defeat the beast, it will drop various items along with its head. Useful items that will aid you. Listed below are the items you may get from its body.

  • Vukha Brawler Head
  • 8x Animal Fur
  • Hatchet – Melee Weapon
hatchet reward

Vukah Brawler Head Walkthrough

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