Vukah Encounter Quest Enshrouded

The side quest Vukah Encounter is a nice quest to do as you are guaranteed a weapon drop upon completion of the quest. Your goal is the Find the Weapon in the Vukah Camp.

The Vukah Encounter is one of those quests that can be seen quite easily on your map. Head into your journal and press the “Show on Map” button. This will show you where you need to get headed, once you’re there, we will guide you through the rest.

Vukah Encounter

Once you arrive at the location, you will see that the camp is probably below your current location so get ready to fly down into the Vukah Camp below!

Keep an eye out for the tramps in the Vukah camps… A couple of our team have fallen to their death in these, haha!

As you progress through the camp, killing the mobs and looting the resources, you will see a bonfire on top of a small hill, this is where you need to go to find the weapon. You are looking out for a silver chest as this is where the weapon will be.

If you’re having trouble finding this, we’ve put together a short video showing you the route here:

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