Where To Find Flintstone In Enshrouded

Flintstone can be used to create a variety of weaponry mostly focusing on the projectile side of things, using flintstone you can make a wide array of arrows!




A soft small rock that became famous for its ability to release sparks. it has been associated with the Flame ever since.

Flintstone is required to upgrade your flame alter (lvl 2-3) and is a common crafting component for weaponry and arrows.

Where To Find Flintstone

You can find Flintstone deposits all over the map. It’s mostly found in mountainous terrain or mineshafts, sometimes it can be pretty hard to reach so we recommend bringing a glider with you in order to get to some of the harder-to-get spots. You will need at least a pickaxe to start harvesting it. Make sure to rescue the Hunter from the Ancient Vault Hunter in order to utilize flint for arrows.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Where do I find Flintstone?
Answer: Deposits can spawn around any part of the world usually in the mountainsides or caves.

Question: What do I need it for?
Answer: Used to make arrows and in weapon crafting.

Question: Do I need anything to harvest it?
Answer: You will need at least a pickaxe or scrappy pickaxe to harvest it.

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