Where to Find Sage Leaves in Enshrouded

Wondering where you can find Sage Leaves in Enshrouded? Look no further than this guide, as we show you what to look for as well as a good farming spot.

Starting Location

We are going to start at the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire for ease of traveling. The spire provides a longer glide time making travel quicker.

Starting Location

We will be heading West to a little development called Rattlebleak. This little settlement has enemies outside of it but is void of any inside.

Sage Leaves Plant

The plant we will be harvesting for Sage Leaves has multiple stems of purple flowers extending into the air with large green leaves at the base. The image below shows what it looks like:

Sage Leaves Plant

Rattlebleak has a few of these farming troughs that you can harvest from and come back to harvest again once they respawn. This makes it easy to come and gather them on a regular basis without the trouble of fighting enemies. Each plant will give you 2 Sage Leaves.

Sage Leaves Discription

You are able to find quite a bit of Sage Plants around Nomad Highlands. Do be careful though as the enemies in this area range from level 15 to level 23. Make sure you are of the appropriate level and have crafted yourself the strongest gear you can.

Sage Leaves Uses

Currently, they have only 2 uses in Enshrouded, one being in making Sage Seedlings and the other for the Eternal Channel Heal Spell.

Sage Seedling

  • 1 x Water
  • 1 x Sage Leaves
  • 1 x Bonemeal

Eternal Channel Heal Spell

  • 50 x Lapislazuli
  • 10 x Aloe
  • 10 x Chamomile Tea
  • 10 x Sage Leaves


Q: Where can I find Sage Leaves?

A: You can find them throughout the Nomad Highlands. If you want to gather them peacefully then you can head to Rattlebleak town where you will find no enemies and an abundance of Sage Plants to harvest.

Q: What can Sage Leaves be used for?

A: They can only be used for 2 things at the time of writing. One being making Sage Seedlings and the other the Eternal Channel Heal Spell.

Q: Is the Nomad Highlands Dangerous?

A: It can be dangerous for the unprepared adventurer. Enemies levels range from level 15 to level 23. Make sure you are of the appropriate level and have good gear.

Q: Do I need any special equipment to Harvest Sage Leaves?

A: No, you do not need any special equipment. You can just run up to the Sage Plant and harvest the leaves from it.

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