Where to Find Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded

Mint Mushroom Meat may seem like a challenge to find, but following this guide will show you that it is quite simple and easy.

Mint Mushroom Meat Start Location

We are going to start at the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire for ease of travel. The spire allows for further glide time which makes traveling faster.

Starting Location

From the spire, you want to head southwest towards Umber Hollow. You want to land just in the shroud as there is an abundance in this specific spot as well as on your way out of the shroud.

Mint Mushroom Meat Tree

The image above shows you the plant/tree you are looking for. Chopping this will drop Mint Mushroom Meat. Be careful with your surroundings as there are enemies that spawn around here.

Mint Mushroom Meat Floor

The larger plants/trees will drop around 5 Mint Mushroom Meat and the smaller ones will drop around 2-3. You can find a ton in the areas below.

Farming Area

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