Where To Find Fossilized Bone In Enshrouded

Fossilized Bone is a rare magical crafting material in Enshrouded, untouched for years the bones of magical creatures have hardend and turned to stone. Useful for crafting armor and upgrading your flame altar this is a must-have resource.

Fossilized Bone

Fossilized Bone

Over the years, untouched by anyone, the bones of all kings of magical creatures have hardened and turned to stone. A rare material due to its limited availability and high magical capacity

Fossilized Bone is required to upgrade your flame level from 4-5, crafting several end game alchemy recipes and then Hunter set.

Where To Find Fossilized Bone

Finding Fossilized Bone is easier said than done, this precious commodity doesn’t just lay around anywhere. Luckily we have found a few good spots to farm all the bone you could ever need.

Start at Nomad Highlands Spire and make sure to bring your trusty glider, head out to the west of the tower, and jump off while making sure you are aiming for the giant fossilized rib cage in the distance.

Here you can farm all the bone you could ever need! Don’t have Nomad Highlands unlocked? Fear not you can find another one of these fossilized rib cages near the trade outpost Blazing Rock. You can actually see the bone on the map, it looks like an outline of a Rib Cage!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where do I find it?
A: You can harvest it from giant skeletons throughout the world.

Q: What do I need it for?
A: It’s an important flame alter upgrading resource and can also be used for the hunter set from the hunter craftsman.

Q: Do I need anything to harvest it?
A: You will need a pickaxe to harvest the Fossilized bone.

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