Where to Find Critter Parts in Enshrouded

Discover Where to Find Critter Parts

Crafting in Enshrouded requires a keen eye and a sturdy hand. Among the most sought-after materials are critter parts, essential for concocting bug dust and enhancing various crafting recipes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the depths of Enshrouded, uncovering the elusive locations of critter parts and providing invaluable tips for navigating this treacherous terrain.

Discover Where to Find Critter Parts

Exploring the Shroud

The Shroud stands as a daunting yet bountiful hunting ground teeming with critters that drop the coveted critter parts.

Exploring the Shroud

These creatures lurk amidst the eerie ambiance, often found skulking around skeletons or near their spawners. Keep a sharp lookout for these landmarks within the Shroud, as they serve as hotspots for critter activity.

Bugs Spawner

Ensure you’re well-prepared before venturing into the Shroud’s depths. Equip your best gear and arm yourself with long-range weapons such as bows, staffs, or wands. These tools provide a crucial advantage against swarming critters, allowing you to dispatch them from a safe distance. Fighting them head-on is a bad idea as they will swarm you and you’ll have a hard time protecting your back.

Fighting Bugs Head-on

Critters in Enshrouded possess a remarkable ability to respawn, ensuring a steady supply of critter parts for aspiring crafters. However, it’s imperative to manage your inventory efficiently to avoid missing out on valuable loot. Consider increasing your backpack slot via The Hunter.

Inventory Spacing

Elixir Wells emerge as prime locations for farming critter parts, boasting an abundance of bugs and spiders ripe for harvesting. These wells serve as fertile grounds for gathering materials, ensuring a steady influx of critter parts to fuel your crafting endeavors.

Elixir Well

Additionally, keep an eye out for spiders during your cave explorations within Enshrouded. While critters dominate the landscape, spiders represent an alternate source of critter parts and string, offering additional opportunities for resource gathering.


What’s the Use of Critter Parts in Enshrouded

Once you’ve secured an ample supply of critter parts, it’s time to convert them into bug dust, a versatile material essential for various crafting recipes.

Bug Dust

To commence this alchemical process, acquire an Alchemist’s Mortar—a fundamental tool for crafting bug dust within Enshrouded. Can be found after rescuing the Alchemist


Bug dust holds immense significance in crafting, particularly for crafting Gooa vital ingredient for fortifying the Flame of your Flame Altar. The strategic acquisition of critter parts and subsequent crafting of bug dust play a pivotal role in strengthening your arsenal and advancing your journey in Enshrouded.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I locate critter parts in Enshrouded?
Navigating the Shroud and exploring landmarks within its depths will lead you to critters that drop critter parts.

Q: What weapons are recommended for critter hunting?
Long-range weapons such as bows, staffs, and wands offer a strategic advantage against swarming critters.

Q: Where can I farm critter parts in Enshrouded?
Elixir Wells serve as prime locations for farming critter parts, boasting an abundance of bugs and spiders.

Q: Are spiders a viable source of critter parts?
While critters are more prevalent, spiders encountered during cave expeditions can also yield critter parts and string.

Q: What is the significance of bug dust in crafting?
Bug dust is a crucial ingredient for various crafting recipes, including the creation of Goo—an essential component for strengthening the Flame of your Flame Altar.

Q: How do I craft bug dust in Enshrouded?
To craft bug dust, you’ll need an Alchemist’s Mortar, which can be used to process critter parts obtained from Enshrouded bugs and spiders.

In the mystical realm of Enshrouded, the acquisition of critter parts stands as a pivotal endeavor for aspiring crafters. By exploring the depths of the Shroud, harnessing the power of long-range weaponry, and mastering the alchemical process of crafting bug dust, you can unlock a world of crafting possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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