Where to Find Critter Parts in Enshrouded

Discover Where to Find Critter Parts

Crafting in Enshrouded requires a lot of different mats for a variety of different crafts. One resource that you will need early on is Critter Parts.

Discover Where to Find Critter Parts

Exploring the Shroud

The Shroud stands as a daunting yet bountiful hunting ground teeming with critters that drop the coveted critter parts.

Exploring the Shroud

These creatures lurk amidst the eerie ambiance, often found skulking around skeletons or near their spawners. Keep a sharp lookout for these landmarks within the Shroud, as they serve as hotspots for critter activity.

Bugs Spawner

Make sure that you are well prepared before you enter the Shroud to find your Critter Parts. Equip your best armor and a ranged weapon as it makes fighting the Critters easier. Rushing into them and fighting them is dangerous as they can swarm you and make it hard to defend yourself.

Fighting Bugs Head-on

The Critters in Enshrouded will respawn after a short period of no player in the area. This helps with coming back and farming more parts if you need them. You can increase your backpack at The Hunter so that you can carry more.

Inventory Spacing

Elixir Wells are very good spots to farm Critter Parts as they have a good supply of Critters and Spiders. The wells area reliable farming spot that you can return to often.

Elixir Well

Additionally, keep an eye out for spiders during your cave explorations within Enshrouded. While critters dominate the landscape, spiders represent an alternate source of critter parts and string, offering additional opportunities for resource gathering.


What’s the Use of Critter Parts in Enshrouded

Once you have a bunch of Critter Parts you can convert them into Bug Dust which is needed in a variety of crafting recipes.

Bug Dust

To commence this alchemical process, acquire an Alchemist’s Mortar—a fundamental tool for crafting bug dust within Enshrouded. Can be found after rescuing the Alchemist


Bug dust holds immense significance in crafting, particularly for crafting Gooa vital ingredient for fortifying the Flame of your Flame Altar. The strategic acquisition of critter parts and subsequent crafting of bug dust play a pivotal role in strengthening your arsenal and advancing your journey in Enshrouded.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I locate critter parts?
Navigating the Shroud and exploring landmarks within its depths will lead you to critters that drop critter parts.

What kind of weapons do I use to hunt critters?
Due to the swarming behavior of critters, use long-range weapons such as bows, staffs, and wands.

Where do I farm critter parts in the Enshrouded?
Elixir Wells are the best locations for critter part farming.

Are creatures such as spiders a good source of critter parts?
While critters are the more common source for this, spiders found during cave delves can provide critter parts and string.

What is bug dust used for in crafting?
Bug dust is used in several crafting recipes, most notably in the creation of Goo- an essential resource for empowering the Flame of your Flame Altar.

How do I craft bug dust in Enshrouded?
You’ll need to process critter parts using the Alchemist’s Mortar to create/craft bug dust.

Critter Parts are an important resource in Enshrouded needed for Bug Dust. With the knowledge you have got from this guide, you can now go and farm all the Critter Parts you want or need with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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