Where to Find Dried Fur in Enshrouded

Discover Where to Find Dried Fur

In the mystical realm of Enshrouded, adventurers seek rare materials to craft essential items for survival and advancement. One such material is Dried Fur, a versatile resource used in crafting backpacks, armor sets, and comfortable furniture. To aid fellow travelers, this guide offers detailed insights on where and how to obtain Dried Fur efficiently.

Discover Where to Find Dried Fur

Crafting Dried Fur at the Drying Rack

The journey to acquiring Dried Fur begins with crafting it at a specialized station called the Drying Rack. This essential tool can only be constructed after rescuing the Hunter, the second base NPC players typically unlock after obtaining the Blacksmith from the first Ancient Vault.

Crafting Dried Fur at the Drying Rack

To craft a Drying Rack, adventurers need to gather the following materials:

  • Wood Logs
  • String
Drying Rack

Collecting Animal Fur and Salt

To create Dried Fur, players require two primary ingredients:

Animal Fur can be obtained from various creatures inhabiting Enshrouded. While nearly every animal in the game has a chance of dropping Animal Fur, players can also create it by collecting Fur Patches from rats and transforming them into full Animal Fur through interaction with the Hunter NPC.

Collecting Animal Fur

Meanwhile, Salt, the second crucial component, is abundantly found in the Egerton Salt Mines. Located west of the first Ancient Spire in Springlands, these mines present a challenging environment swarming with enemies and shrouded in mystery. Adventurers are advised to equip themselves with suitable gear, including pickaxes and Shroud Survival Potions, to navigate this perilous terrain effectively.

Collecting Salt

Crafting Process at the Drying Rack

Once adventurers have gathered the necessary materials—Animal Fur and Salt—they can proceed to the Drying Rack to initiate the crafting process. Interacting with the Drying Rack allows players to select the recipe for Dried Fur and insert the collected materials.

Dried Fur Process

While the conversion process takes a few minutes, adventurers can utilize this time to explore other tasks or areas within the game.

More Drying Racks

Utilizing Dried Fur

Dried Fur serves as a fundamental resource in Enshrouded, with various applications in crafting and enhancing gameplay. Notably, it is a key ingredient in crafting a Small Backpack, offering eight additional inventory slots for storing essential items and supplies.

Small Backpack

Additionally, Dried Fur is integral to crafting early armor sets that provide crucial protection against adversaries roaming Enshrouded’s diverse landscapes.


Moreover, adventurers can utilize Dried Fur to craft furniture items that enhance their comfort level, such as beds and rugs. These items not only provide practical benefits but also contribute to creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere within player bases or shelters.

Fur Rugs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I unlock the Hunter NPC?
To unlock the Hunter NPC, players need to progress through the game until they rescue them as the second base NPC, typically after obtaining the Blacksmith from the first Ancient Vault.

Q: Where can I find Wood Logs and String for crafting the Drying Rack?
Wood Logs and String can be gathered from various locations across Enshrouded’s landscapes, including forests, meadows, and wilderness areas.

Q: Are there specific animals that drop Animal Fur more frequently?
While almost every animal in the game has a chance of dropping Animal Fur, larger creatures such as wolves and bears tend to yield higher quantities compared to smaller animals like rabbits or rats.

Q: How challenging is it to navigate the Egerton Salt Mines?
The Egerton Salt Mines pose significant challenges due to the presence of enemies and the pervasive Shroud. It is advisable to equip oneself with appropriate gear and potions before venturing into these treacherous mines.

Q: Can I speed up the crafting process of Dried Fur?
Yes, players can accelerate the crafting process by constructing multiple Drying Racks and distributing the materials across them, effectively increasing the rate of Dried Fur production.

Q: Apart from backpacks and armor, what other items can be crafted using Dried Fur?
In addition to backpacks and armor, adventurers can use Dried Fur to craft various furniture items such as beds and rugs, enhancing their comfort level and base aesthetics.

In the fantastical realm of Enshrouded, obtaining Dried Fur is a vital endeavor for adventurers seeking to thrive and survive amidst its mystical landscapes. By following the crafting tips outlined in this guide and leveraging the insights provided, players can efficiently acquire Dried Fur and unlock its myriad applications in crafting and gameplay enhancement.


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