Where to Find Clay in Enshrouded

Discover Where to Find Clay

In the mystical realm of Enshrouded, clay stands as a fundamental resource, pivotal for crafting essential structures like the Kiln and Fired Bricks. Exploring the mystical depths of Revelwood demands a keen eye for spotting/discovering clay.

Discover Where to Find Clay

Exploring Revelwood

Revelwood stands as the primary location for clay harvesting in Enshrouded. As a part of the main quest, players are directed to Revelwood, where the abundance of clay awaits. Upon completing the Revelwood Spire, players unlock a fast travel spot, facilitating easy access to clay-rich areas. Note that you can only get to this area once you reach Flame Level 3 in the Flame Altar.

Exploring Revelwood

Scrap Pickaxe

Harvesting clay requires a regular Scrap Pickaxe (for easier gathering), readily accessible to players. It is advisable to gather a substantial/huge amount of clay during the initial harvesting run to kickstart essential crafting recipes.

Scrap Pickaxe

Revelwood Spire

The Revelwood area around the Ancient Spire – Revelwood offers a strategic advantage for clay harvesting. The proximity to the Spire enables swift travel minimizing downtime between harvesting runs and returning home.

Revelwood Spire

Clay and Copper Ore Deposits

Navigating through Revelwood, players can locate clay and copper ore deposits in close proximity. Fast traveling to Revelwood Spire, followed by a glide into the forest, leads to a short run to uncover both resources, optimizing harvesting efficiency.

Clay and Copper Ore Deposits

Clay and Copper Ore Deposits can be located here:

Clay and Ore Deposit

For an abundant of Clay only, you can go here:

Clay Deposit

Crafting Essentials

Clay serves as the foundation for crafting essential items like the Kiln and Fired Bricks, pivotal for advancing crafting capabilities in Enshrouded.


Fired Bricks Production

After acquiring the Kiln, players must continue harvesting clay to craft Fired Bricks. Each Fired Brick necessitates one unit of clay, emphasizing the ongoing need for clay resources.

Fire Bricks

The Smelter in Enshrouded

With 50 Fired Bricks players can craft the Smelter, an important crafter for creating Copper Bars. This progression unlocks access to higher-tier crafting materials, propelling players further in their Enshrouded journey.

The Smelter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I fast-travel to Revelwood?
Fast travel to Revelwood becomes available after Climbing the Ancient Spire – Revelwood in Enshrouded. This facilitates easier exploration within the area.

Can I harvest clay without the Scrap Pickaxe?
Harvesting clay without a pickaxe is only possible by breaking destructible objects which has the possibility to drop a clay (Not really recommended), using the Scrap Pickaxe (or any other pickaxes) significantly enhances clay harvesting efficiency, making it the recommended tool for players.

Are there any alternative locations for clay harvesting?
While Revelwood offers abundant clay, players may explore other regions for clay deposits, albeit potentially less plentiful compared to Revelwood.

Are there any dangers while harvesting clay in Revelwood?
Revelwood hosts level 13 enemies, it is recommended to focus on clay harvesting (rather than clearing the enemies out before mining), and use strategic navigation to minimize encounters with such enemies, ensuring a safe harvesting/gathering experience.

Is there a limit to the amount of clay I can harvest?
No, there’s no limit to the amount of clay as players can harvest the clay again in the same area by just restarting the server (easier for solo players), or the game.

Navigating Enshrouded’s world to find clay is essential for crafting progress. Revelwood emerges as the prime location, offering abundant clay deposits alongside strategic advantages like fast travel and resource proximity. Armed with this guide, Flameborns can now embark on efficient clay-harvesting expeditions, laying the foundation for crafting mastery in Enshrouded.

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