Complete Guide To Copper Ore In Enshrouded

Copper Ore in Enshrouded is one of the resources needed in the early game to help get you the next level of tools, weapons, and armor. Let’s look at what Copper Ore looks like as well as where we can farm it!

copper ore in enshrouded

Copper Ore In Enshrouded – Where To Start

In Enshrouded, some ores are harder to find than others. Copper Ore, has some challenges but even so, the challenge is very rewarding! To get started on finding Copper Ore in Enshrouded, let’s begin with its appearance.

Copper Ore’s Appearance

At first glance, players surely won’t miss Copper Ore in Enshrouded. With its goldish brown color and slight hint of green, this Ore appears in caves, in mountains, or even on cliffs. Aside from its color, Copper Ore can be easily spotted with its circular shape growing in different ways. An example is shown in the image below.

copper growth

Where To Find Copper Ore

To start finding your cluster of Copper Ore in Enshrouded, let’s start at the Revelwood Ancient Spire to make it easier. Players can also explore other areas to spot Copper Ore growth but for now, let’s start from a specific area.

ancient spire starting point

From the Ancient Spire in Revelwood, look to the Carpentry Camp and place your waypoint on the map. After marking your waypoint, head straight to the Carpentry Camp a little bit Southwest of the Revelwood Ancient Spire.

map wyapoint
Path to Travel

Once you’ve arrived at the Carpentry Camp, look below on the cliff edge right next to the camp. You are to glide down there!

Cliff Edge

Once you’ve safely made it down, look to the cliff face and you should be able to find a whole cluster of Copper Ore!

Copper Ore

For fast travel, it is highly suggested to place down a Flame Shrine so players can cut down on travel time and make it easier to transport Ores after mining! Just remember, from the Revelwood Ancient Spire, head Southwest! We have marked it in the image below to give you a reference!

Copper Ore Locations

In the marked image above, around the area of the Copper Clusters, there should be more nearby so be sure to take a good look around!


Whenever you travel around to find Ores such as Copper Ore, be sure to prep your tools as they may spawn in large Clusters ready for picking! It is also important to note that as you travel around, beware of any wild animals that may be aggressive such as Wolves or Boars.

We hope you found this guide on where to find Copper Ore in Enshrouded helpful to your farming experience. If you’d like more Enshrouded content like this, dive into our official game Homepage where you’ll find more guides, news, and more! Join our official Discord Channel!


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