Where to Find Grapple Plant in Enshrouded

The Grapple Plant is such a strange name for a plant. Yet it is something sought after in Enshrouded. This guide will show you what it looks like as well as where to farm it.

Starting Location

We are going to start at the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire for ease of traveling. The spire provides a longer glide time making travel quicker.

Starting Location

We will be heading West to a farming area called Sunsimmer Souterrain. This place is very intriguing as it is all below the surface besides two towers.

Sunsimmer Souterrain

We will enter through a small hole in the ceiling on the north side of the facility.


Once inside, you will be greeted with a bunch of farming troughs with Saffron and Grapple Plants in them. The image below shows you what to look for:

Grapple Plant

Harvest all you can in the North section and run through to the South section as well to gather more. You will be able to revisit this area regularly as the plants respawn after some time. You will get roughly 13 Grapple Plants after harvesting both sides.

Grapple Plant

Where to Find Grapple Plant Walkthrough

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