Where to Find Rooibos in Enshrouded

Rooibos is one of Nomad Highlands’ richest resources, with it being sought after by many. We will show you what to look out for as well as a nice spot to farm it.

Starting Location

We are going to start at the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire for ease of traveling. The spire provides a longer glide time making travel quicker.

Starting Location

We will be heading South towards Umber Hollow. You do not want to head into the shroud though. We will be stopping just before the shourd for our farming spot.

Rooibos Farm Location

Once you have arrived look around for enemies first as they do spawn here. Clear them out and then find the Rooibos and harvest it. The below image is what you are looking for:

Rooibos Bush

These bushes will respawn after some time so you are able to come back to this same spot regularly to farm some Rooibos. The larger bushes will give you roughly 3 per bush and the smaller ones will give you 1. Make sure you come prepared as the Nomad Highlands is a dangerous place for the unprepared adventurer. Enemies in this area range between level 15 and level 23. Make sure you are of an appropriate level and have good quality gear on.


Rooibos Uses

It is used in only 2 things currently, being Rooibos Seedlings and Spice.

Rooibos Seedling

  • 1 x Water
  • 1 x Rooibos
  • 1 x Fossilized Bone Dust


  • 1 x Saffron
  • 1 x Alchemical Base
  • 1 x Chamomile
  • 1 x Rooibos
  • 2 x Desert Flower

Frequesntly Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Where can I find Rooibos?

Answer: You can find it all over the Nomad Highlands. The spot in this guide is an easy spot to farm as there are only 2 enemies.

Question: What can I use Rooibos for?

Answer: Currently, It can only be used to make Spice and Rooibos Seedlings. There may be more uses for it in future updates to Enshrouded.

Question: Is the Nomad Highlands Dangerous?

Answer: It can be dangerous for the unprepared adventurer. Enemies levels range from level 15 to level 23. Make sure you are of the appropriate level and have good gear.

Question: Do I need any special equipment to harvest Rooibos?

Answer: No, you do not need any special equipment. You can just run up and harvest it.

Question: What is Spice used for?

Answer: Spice can be used in Glow Soup as well as Stir-Fried Vegetables. You can craft both of these at the Farmer.

In the world of Enshrouded, finding a good farming spot for resources is very important. Using this guide you can go out into the world of Enshrouded and gather the resources you need to progress further. This spot is a great place to farm.

Where to Find Rooibos Walkthrough

Below is a video guide for those who prefer watching a video.

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