Where to Find Shroud Sack in Enshrouded

Shroud Sack in Enshrouded is another sought-after resource needed later on in the game. Shroud Sack can be found in the shroud making it more difficult to farm than other resources. This guide will show you where to farm it, as well as how to extend your time in the shroud to farm longer.

Shroud Sack Location

You want to start at Revelwood Spire to make travel time shorter to the location. From the Revelwood Spire you want to head East into the shroud.

Starting Location - Revelwood Spire

Once you are in the shroud, look for the road as it is easier to find the enemies needed for Shroud Sack. You are looking for a glowing blue plant. These enemies shoot explosive goo at you that shortens your shroud time if hit.

Shroud Sack Plant

These enemies are not very strong and do not do much damage. The main danger from them is having your shroud timer run out due to being hit too much. Upgrading your flame allows you to survive longer in the shroud as it extends your time. Another way would be to spec into the Beastmaster and Survivor skill trees which will give you an extra 7 minutes of shroud time.

Shroud Sack Video Walkthrough

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