Where To Get Scales In Enshrouded

Do you need some Scales in Enshrouded for a project or some armor? Say less! We’ll show you just how and where you can get some.

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Where To Get Scales In Enshrouded?

There are two types of animals that you can farm Scales in Enshrouded from. The Scorpion and the Sand Digger. To find these creatures, it is best to head over to the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire. There, it will be easier to find them as one of them already spawns at the foot of the Spire. Once you’ve traveled to the Spire, jump down and look around, and there, you should be able to see a few Scorpions roaming around. Remember to keep on guard of yourself.

kindlewastes spire


This beast grows to the size of the player. Although, stuck low on the ground! As the name suggests, this creature can deal poison attacks that damage players over time. Defeating this creature can give you some useful drops including Scales in Enshrouded. To do this, it is suggested to use Blunt weapons and use the jump attack. If you don’t have Blunt Weapons, normal bladed weapons or wands are also good.


Scorpion Drops

Upon defeat, the Scorpion drops the following items. However, it is important to note that Scorpions will not always drop the same items or amounts. In some cases, they will drop only one Poison Sack or one Scale.

  • Scales
  • Poison Sack
scorpion drops

Sand Digger

Largely different from the Scorpion, the Sand Digger looks cuddly and soft but this little cutie fights back! However, it does not do much damage. This makes it easier to farm Scales. Using a Blunt or Magic weapon would work well against this creature. Typically, they are found roaming alone or with a buddy in a pair. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you may even stumble into a herd of them. Either way, with the Sand Digger, you are sure to leave with a decent amount of Scales for your craft.

digger creature

Sand Digger Drops

Once you kill this creature, it’ll drop some scales as well as its meat for cooking and consuming. Unlike the Scorpion, this creature is sure to drop way more scales as it is covered with it! Scales shields its body from predators and keeps it safe as it roams the hot sands of the deserts.

  • Scales
  • Raw Sand Digger Meat
sand digger animal

Where Can You Find Sand Diggers?

Unlike the Scorpion, Sand Diggers can be found a little further from the Spire. Scorpions spawn right at the foot of the Spire but Sand Diggers spawn in areas a little further. They don’t like company! With Sand Diggers being Solitary creatures, it’s a bit difficult to spot them immediately but the best way to spot them is by looking around for a yellow belly or an orange shell.

sand diggers

Aside from this location, there is also another way to find some Sand Diggers. The best way to find a herd of Sand Diggers in Enshrouded is by visiting Sunsimmer Souterrain. A location directly Southeast of the Kindlewaste Ancient Spire. To get to this area, as mentioned, head Southeast and carefully and safely cross the Shroud. From there, keep heading Southeast. Be on the lookout as you may find some more Sand Diggers on your way to the hot spot of other Sand Diggers!

map 1p
sand digger 2

Once you reach Sunsimmer, hop down and take a look inside. Be sure to check every room! On the other side of Sunsimmer is a large open area with a well in the middle and rooms.


Enter the rooms and there, you’ll be greeted by not one, not two, not 3, but a BUNCH of Sand Diggers! From there, harvest as many Scales in Enshrouded as you see fit. Since mobs indeed respawn in Enshrouded, you can also wait for them all to respawn and have at them again for more Scales in Enshrouded.

sand digger

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How do I get to the Ancient Spire in Kindlewastes for some Scales?

Answer: If you have not unlocked the Spire yet, the only way to go there is on foot. During your travel, avoid Shrouds as much as possible, especially Deadly and Red Shrouds. Why? Dying in these Shrouds could set you way back from your progress.

Question: What are the uses of Scales in Enshrouded?

Answer: As with many items in the game, Scales have many uses. Using Scales, you can create gears and armor such as the Scout Armor, Rogue Armor, and many more armor sets and tools you can use for your game.

Question: Is there another way to get Scales besides killing creatures around the desert?

Answer: Yes, there is! Not only can you get Scales in Enshrouded by farming them from creatures, but you can also find scales in boxes, wagons, and ruins around Kindlewastes. However, this is only by chance. Still, the fastest way to get some Scales is through the creatures.

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