Where to Find Linen in Enshrouded

Discover Where to Find Linen

Linen stands as a pivotal asset in the mid-game phase of Enshrouded, playing a vital role in crafting diverse items essential for advancing further. Yet, the journey to procure linen commences with the acquisition of flax, a flower indigenous to the northern reaches of Embervale’s Revelwood region. Let us embark on an exhaustive exploration to unravel the mysteries surrounding the acquisition of linen in Enshrouded.

Discover Where to Find Linen

The Hunter’s Hand Spindle

The first step towards obtaining linen in Enshrouded is securing the Hunter’s Hand Spindle. This pivotal tool is essential for crafting linen but requires completion of “The Hunter’s Hand Spindle” quest. The abandoned Hunter Camp, situated near the spider-infested cave to the north of the Ancient Spire — Revelwood Fast Travel tower, harbors this valuable spindle. Once retrieved, players can install the spindle at their base’s workbench, unlocking the ability to craft linen.

The Hunter's Hand Spindle

Where to Find Flax in Enshrouded

Flax, the primary ingredient for crafting linen, thrives in the Revelwood biome. Recognizable by its tall, blue flowers, flax can be found scattered throughout the region.

Where to Find Flax in Enshrouded

Here is a map containing blue bag markers indicating the location of Flax near the Ancient Spire – Revelwood Fast Travel point:

Map for Flax

However, for consistent linen production, players are encouraged to establish their flax farms.

Flax Farming

How to Farm Flax in Enshrouded

Cultivating flax in Enshrouded demands a meticulous approach involving strategic planning and astute resource allocation. To initiate the farming process, players must have both the Farmer and the Alchemist stationed in their base, supplemented by a grinding stone procured from the Alchemist’s inventory.

How to Farm Flax in Enshrouded

Utilizing the grinding stone with animal bones yields bonemeal, an essential component in crafting fertile farm soil.


Once sufficient bonemeal is obtained, the Farmer can craft farm soil, which forms the foundation for flax cultivation.

Farm Soil

Constructing a seedbed is the next step using:

  • 10 Wood Logs
  • 2 Metal Scraps
  • 10 Farm Soil

With the seedbed in place, players can sow flax seedlings, requiring 2 Water and 1 Flax as primary ingredients.

Flax Seedling

Following planting, seedlings demand sufficient time to mature into fully-grown flax, ripe for harvesting. Through perseverance and commitment, players can cultivate untamed flax into thriving farms, guaranteeing a consistent provision of linen for their escapades in a challenging realm.

Turn Flax into flourishing farms

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for flax seedlings to grow into harvestable flax?
In the game, flax seedlings usually require a day or two to reach maturity for harvest, maintaining a steady provision for linen manufacturing.

Can flax farms be raided by in-game adversaries?
Typically, flax farms remain secure from in-game enemy raids, enabling players to concentrate on resource cultivation without enduring constant threats.

Is linen essential for progression in Enshrouded?
Indeed, linen holds significant importance in crafting essential items for advancing in Enshrouded, underscoring its importance for players to obtain.

Are there any alternative methods to obtain linen besides farming flax?
No other methods exist to acquire linen apart from farming flax and employing the hunter’s spindle to convert it into linen.

Does the quality of soil affect flax yield?
Indeed, employing superior quality soil, such as farm soil crafted by the Farmer, can lead to higher flax yields compared to planting in standard soil.

Embarking on the journey to master the art of acquiring linen within the realm of Enshrouded is a deeply fulfilling endeavor. It commences with the acquisition of the esteemed Hunter’s Hand Spindle and involves the diligent cultivation of flax through dedicated farming efforts. By meticulously following the prescribed steps and leveraging the invaluable insights provided, players can establish a dependable source of linen, thereby enriching their escapades and advancing further within the captivating expanse of Enshrouded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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