Where To Get Sulfur In Enshrouded

Farm Sulfur in Enshrouded and stock up on your supplies for the road with our complete and easy guide. Here, we’ll discuss all about Sulfur and where you can find this mineral!

sulfur in enshrouded

Sulfur In Enshrouded


Unlike any other mineral in Enshrouded, Sulfur is unique in its way. From its color to its shape and nature, Sulfur can easily stand out from the crowd! As seen in the image below, Sulfur naturally grows in bright Yellow. Once mined, players can notice its round and flakey shape. When you’re looking to mine Sulfur, the only thing you have to do is look for a bright yellow substance!

Where To Find Sulfur In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, there are two areas where you can find and mine Sulfur. The first one is in the Nomad Highlands Area and the other is in the Kindlewastes Area. Let’s go through both locations and stock up on Sulfur.

Nomad Highlands

To make it easier for everyone, we will begin by using the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire as a starting point. From there, head Southeast to the Red Mountains as seen in the following images. Jumping off of the Spire is a good way to cut travel time.

southeast of the spire
to the red mountains

Once you’ve landed, you should be able to see a ruin called Fanning Ranch. This is a good marker to indicate that you’re getting closer. From Fanning Ranch, there should be a path near its area. Follow it and continue heading Southeast until you hit the sand.

fanning ranch
ranch path

As you keep following the path, you should be able to see a Scavenger Camp at the end of the road in a cave. Look closely and you’ll see Sulfur clusters all over the Camp. Enter it and defeat the enemies.


Defeating the enemies isn’t needed but it makes it easier for you to mine the Sulfur clusters. After you clear out the Scavengers, proceed to mine away!

sulfur loc 1

Now that we’ve mined in the Nomad Highlands area, let’s check out another location you can head towards to get more Sulfur in Enshrouded.


Starting at the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire, Sulfur in Enshrouded can be found all over the surrounding area and even at the very foot of the Spire. All you have to do is get to the Spire itself, jump down, and take a gander at the ground. There, clusters and clusters of Sulfur scattered about the area will greet you. From there, mine as you see fit!

Mine as much as you’d like, however, it is important to note that powerful creatures are roaming around the area of the Spire such as poisonous Scorpions and large Red Birds that pack quite a punch so keep on the lookout for these creatures.

As a bonus, we have marked several Sulfur locations around the Kindelwastes area. As seen in the map below, the red markers represent the Sulfur clusters you can visit and mine. These clusters range from small to large clusters of Sulfur embedded in the ground or on a cliff face so be sure to ready your pickaxe and inventory.

more clusters

Overall, you can find Sulfur in the two Locations given scattered around. Typically, they are found up cliff faces but they can also be found on the ground so be sure to keep a close look out for that bright yellow shine!

Sulfur In Enshrouded (Nomad Highlands)

Sulfur In Enshrouded (Kindlewastes)

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