LOTR: Return To Moria Great Drain Pumps Of The Lower Deep Complete Guide

Welcome to our complete guide to the Great Drain Pumps of the Lower Deep, find out how to navigate through the Drain pumps in no time making sure to defeat all the foes you meet along the way! lets get geared up and ready to fight.

great drain pumps of the lower deep rtm

Great Drain Pumps: Getting Started

As always, it is more fun to play with your friends around! Aside from the fun and games you may get into with your buddies, you may also need extra hands to get through the stages of enemies you’ll face in this section of the game. Teamwork is key when it comes to Return to Moria.

At the beginning of the Great Drain Pumps in Return to Moria, players will be greeted by a large body of water that they have to cross before proceeding forward. Let’s begin with the important notes before starting the journey.

Stock up on crafting materials. Build build build!

To get across the large body of water that will stand in your path, it is highly recommended to stock up on lots of crafting materials such as Wood and other items in order to build platforms and piers to cross the body of water. Tread lightly! Keep in mind that falling into the water will cause you to drown, so watch your step! In the Great Drain Pumps, using your crafting to create piers and platforms is the only way to get across with your group. Carefully place each pier to safely walk across.

Good food

Aside from crafting materials and your wit, players are recommended to keep food at high numbers. When battling enemies, you may need food to replenish energy and HP. Heal up and avoid getting hurt to keep yourself in the fight! We recommend you take a handful of Biltong Rations with you as these can replenish your health while out and about and they are pretty easy to make!

Biltong Rations

  • 3 Meat
  • Cooking Time: 240 Seconds
  • Stations: Oven

Replenish your arsenal. Defend yourself!

Make sure that your equipment and weapons are in tip-top shape and complete before you head into the pumps. This will save you some trouble if ever you are attacked. However, if you are with people in this section of the game, it wouldn’t be much of an issue. Then again, you must defend yourself!

Step By Step Guide


At the very start of the mission, players are greeted by the large body of water that they have to cross to move forward in their endeavor. As previously mentioned, having a lot of building material is a must-have since there will not only be parkour in the mission but there will also be enemies along the way. Having your crafting materials not only helps you get across the water but will also help turn the tides of battle.

To craft a quick platform, you would need 1 Wood Scraps.


Monster In The Water

monster in the water

Once you try to cross the water the Monster in the water will try and attack you, fight him using the first age crossbow. after killing it you can continue on your way through the drain pipes.

first age crossbow

After killing the beast, you may proceed by continuing to build and build platforms to act as a bridge for you and your groupmates to cross. Once you have crossed the large body of water, the next objective is for you and your group to get to the pumps. After doing so, there will be a new objective which will be to “Rebuild the pumps“.

new goal

Rebuild The Pumps

After managing to cross the body of water safely using your platforms, the next task for players to do is to find the parts and rebuild the pumps and their cogs. For the missing pipes, you will have to craft a Replacement Pipe for each highlighted pipe missing yourself. Crafting a replacement pipe will need only 5 Iron Ingots.

replacement pipe

Put Everything Back In Its Place

Once you have crafted each piece needed for the Great Drain Pumps, you will need to carry them across the water and over to their respective highlighted positions and place the part back in its place. However, it may seem easy from here on out but keep in mind that this is a dark place. Enemies could be lurking nearby waiting for the chance to pounce!

cog piece back in machine

Once you’ve entered the Great Drain Pumps make sure you keep an eye out for any enemies that might spawn, making sure to have a full stamina bar ready to fight at any given time.

bug combat

After making sure that the area is cleared of enemies and all the pieces of the pipes are found and placed back, the Great Drain Pumps mission will end.

And that does it for our quick and complete guide to the Great Drain Pumps of Return to Moria. We hope you enjoyed everything, traveler and we wish you safe travels! If you’d like to know more about our releases, game guides, and more, join our Official Discord Channel so you can be the first to know about all our reports!

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