How to Increase Bag Capacity in LOTR Return to Moria?

In LOTR: Return to Moria Bag Capacity will play a huge role in the game as you progress in the game you will be needing more spaces as you collect more items in the game. There are three types of backpacks available, each offering different inventory space increments: Scout’s Pack, Adventurer’s Pack, and the Mountaineer’s Pack. Let’s break down how to obtain each of them.

bag space lotr

Crafting Scout’s Pack to increase Bag Capacity

To expand your bag capacity you can craft the Scout’s Pack. This item grants you an additional 10 inventory spaces, enabling you to carry more items. To create the Scout’s Pack, you’ll need Hide Scraps, which you can obtain early in the game by defeating creatures like the Dai’imun or wolves.


Here’s how you can craft the Scout’s Pack:

  • Collect Hide Scraps from defeated Dai’imun or wolves in the early stages of the game.
  • Access your Field crafting menu by pressing the [c] key. Locate the Scout’s Pack in the crafting menu and select it to begin crafting the pack.

Crafting Adventurer’s Pack

for your mid-game experience, you can craft the Adventurer’s Pack, which provides 25 inventory spaces. To craft the Adventurer’s Pack, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Reach the Elvish Quarter in the game.
entrance to elven quarter
  • Collecting Elven wood will be the first step in creating Adventurer’s Pack, upon collecting your first elven wood you will acquire a new building plan “Workbench”. You will be needing 2 iron ingot and 15 elven woods.
  • Once you have the Work Bench set up, gather Hide materials, which can be obtained by farming hides. You can refer to an article or guide on how to farm hides for more information. You need to collect 8 hides to craft the Adventurer’s Pack
picking trees
  • Once you’ve collected the necessary Elven Wood and hide materials, you can craft your Adventurer’s Pack. Equip the Adventurer’s Pack to increase your inventory space.
Bag capacity

Crafting your Mountaineers Pack

To obtain the Mountaineer’s Pack, which offers around 40 inventory spaces and is more suited for end-game use. Mountaineer’s Pack requires 10 Fine leather to get this item you’ll needing a Loom, Spinning wheel and 10 Fine Leather. Here’s how you can create the required components:

bag pack

Craft a Loom and Spinning Wheel

  • To craft a loom, you’ll need 24 pieces of Ubasam Wood, 3 Silver Ingots, and 6 Cloth Scraps. Detailed articles are accessible regarding the locations to gather Ubasam Wood.
  • Creating a Spinning Wheel calls for 8 Ironwoods and 2 Iron Ingots. Ironwoods can be located within the ancient dwarf structures in Dwarrowdelf.
spinning wheel

Crafting Fine Leather

  • Once the loom and spinning wheel are constructed, you can produce Fine Leather. Crafting 1 piece of Fine Leather necessitates 3 Leather and 3 Salt. In total, you’ll need to create 10 pieces of Fine Leather, so it’s essential to gather leather by farming or crafting to complete this process.
Fine leather
  • Once you’ve finished crafting the 10 Fine Leathers, head over to your workbench. There, you’ll be able to craft the Mountaineer’s Pack.
Mountaineers pack

Expanding your inventory space is very important as you get into the later stages of the game. Being able to carry more food and mats helps with gathering resources faster.


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