LOTR Return To Moria Release Date Officially Announced 2023

Attention one and all! The LOTR Return to Moria Release Date has been announced! This highly anticipated game from a beloved franchise is set to come out in 2023. Join us in experiencing one of the flagship titles from Epic Games and Playstation – LOTR: Return to Moria.

What is LOTR Return to Moria?

LOTR Return to Moria is an Action-Adventure Multiplayer game on the famous fantasy franchise, Lord of The Rings. Want to know the magical side? Well, warrior. Sit back, relax, and ride along the river of fantasy!

lotr return to moria release date

LOTR Return to Moria is a magical game where you get to jump into a whole new world of wonders and mystery. The story follows the Dwarves in their quest to reclaim their home, Moria, from underneath the mountains. Survive, fight, and conquer to victory! Players will embark on one heck of an adventure to get to the glorious end! Will they survive and live to fight another day and march on? Or will they fall to the depths of the mines and caves? Find out more!

LOTR Return to Moria Release Date

As the biggest part of this LOTR Return to Moria release date article, the game’s OFFICIAL release date, and more!

  • October 24, 2023 – LOTR Return to Moria release date for PC via Epic Games and PlayStation 5, with Xbox X|S coming in early 2024 (Exact date TBA).

Excited? Stick around to find out more or how you can get started on your path to Moria!

fallen hall

What else is there?

Excited about the LOTR Return to Moria release date? Want more about the game? Well! Strap on tight and prepare for some more goodies aside from the LOTR Return to Moria release date!


To keep things nice and hot for the release and avoid spoilers, we won’t give away too much! Fans have had an interview with Jon-Paul The Game director who told us a bit more about the game and what the players can expect!

the mines

What Will the Game Be About?

The upcoming release of the LOTR game Return to Moria centers around the great journey of the Dwarves to reclaim their homeland. This highly-anticipated game will feature various parts of their story set in the ancient home of the Dwarf race.

The game focuses on mining, forging, and discovering the unique and powerful minerals of the realm. Players will also get to meet and hunt various remarkable creatures.

lotr snapshot

As you venture deeper into Moria, it’s crucial to stay alert, equipped, and proactive. You never know what challenges lie ahead on your journey to triumph. Being prepared is essential. You may encounter adversaries like Orcs and Trolls, tough bosses, surprise attacks, and other obstacles at any moment and in any location. Therefore, it’s necessary to tread cautiously because the tougher things get, the sturdier resources you’ll require.

LOTR Return to Moria Beta

This LOTR Return to Moria release date article doesn’t just have the release date…it has info on its Beta as well! That’s right! Players can indeed join the Beta for LOTR Return to Moria! Want more info? Jump into our detailed article on LOTR Return to Moria’s Beta!

LOTR Return to Moria Pre-order

If you are as excited about the game as we are, don’t forget to pre-order LOTR Return to Moria on Epic Games’ official site! There, you’ll be met by its amazing features and more stuff to await as the game nears its landing!

We hope you were intrigued by our latest news on Epic Games‘ LOTR Return to Moria! For more news, updates, and guides, stick around and we hope to see you soon, adventurer! Want to know more about our releases? Join our official Discord Channel to be alerted as soon as an article has been released! Until next time!


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