Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria Hero Tokens Explained

Hero Tokens. In the newly released game of the famous franchise, Lord of The Rings, Return to Moria features a token system that players may obtain as they play through the game. Some players may find themselves asking what Hero Tokens may be used for. We will take a look at everything we know about Hero Tokens.

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All About Hero Tokens: A quick FAQ

What are they?

Lord of The Rings: Return to Moria’s Hero Tokens are tokens that can be found on the remains of the fallen. Hero Tokens are also items that players may want to seek out during their travels. After honoring a fallen ally, Hero Tokens can then be obtained.

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How do they work?

After finding and honoring a fallen ally along your journey, hero tokens can then be obtained and used to buff one’s energy. To do this, you must find 5 hero tokens. Then, you are given the recipe to craft a Memorial Flame Statue. The statue may then grant you energy buffs that last for a specific amount of time. During the buff, you may run, mine, or fight however long you want!

Where do you find them?

Return to Moria’s Hero Tokens can be found wherever there are Dwarven remains. When there is an option to “Honor”, players can be sure that they will obtain these tokens which can then be used for their energy status.

How do I use them?

After crafting a Memorial Flame Statue you can then use the tokens to get an energy buff that grants you unlimited abilities such as running or fighting for a limited amount of time. The mechanics of this item isn’t explained in the earlier hours of the game but players get to discover about it in their own time.

Does it have any other uses?

Other than using them to buff your energy status, the tokens aren’t really used for anything else. It still stands as one of the most useful tools and trinkets in the game at the moment.

Is it good to look for and obtain the hero tokens?

Finding and obtaining Hero Tokens and using them to buff your energy status for mining, fighting, or anything else is highly recommended especially if you’re about to get into a long and difficult battle. Having enough or more energy in these types of situations is always a good choice and once given the opportunity, take it even just for the road ahead!

Are the tokens infinite and do they respawn?

Players can only find one token per Dwarven skeletal remain. With the number of remains that can be found in other maps, tokens are still stackable and collectible by the bulk.

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Using these tokens to buff the energy of a player is incredibly useful and important for some people. Speed runners or serious players who plan to spend a lot of hours in the game to get stronger and stronger will be on the lookout for these.

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