Muznakan of Durin’s Line

The Muznakan of Durin’s Line holds a special place in the hearts of those who revere Durin, Deathless, and their illustrious lineage. Nestled near the tomb of kings, this sacred relic has attracted countless pilgrims seeking to pay their respects. In this article, we will unravel the secrets of Durin’s Muznakan Carving, guiding you through the intricate journey to find it.

Durin's Line

Muznakan of Durin’s Line – An Overview

Durin’s Muznakan Carving is a symbol of the enduring legacy of Durin and his line. Placed near the tomb of kings, it has drawn pilgrims from far and wide to pay their respects. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the hidden carvings and unravel the rich history of Durin’s Line.

Durin's Line

Navigating the Tomb of Kings

To find Durin’s Muznakan Carving, you’ll need to explore the tomb of kings. Follow these steps to navigate your way through this sacred place:

  1. Locating the Altar: Your journey begins by finding the altar where you will offer the carvings. Ensure you discover the altar’s location before you collect all three carvings to make your navigation easier.
  2. No More Dwarf Buildings: Unlike previous quests, you won’t be searching for dwarf buildings this time. Instead, you’ll be exploring the insides of each grave within the tomb.
Durin's Line

Finding Durin’s Muznakan Carving

As you explore the graves within the tomb, keep a sharp eye out for the intricate carvings that depict the history and significance of Durin’s Line. Once you’ve gathered all three of these carvings, you’ll be rewarded with a crafting plan that will aid you in your in-game journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many Durin’s Muznakan Carvings do I need?

You will need three Durin’s Muznakan Carvings to offer at the altar.

Where can I find the altar?

It is essential to locate the altar before collecting the carvings. Once you know its position, navigating your way will be more straightforward.

What makes this quest different from others?

In this quest, you won’t be searching for dwarf buildings. Instead, you’ll explore the graves within the tomb.

What is the reward for collecting the carvings?

Upon collecting all three carvings, you will receive a crafting plan that will prove valuable in your in-game journey.

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Durin’s Muznakan Carving and the quest to find it are steeped in history and significance. As you navigate the tomb of kings, pay homage to Durin and his lineage, and collect the three carvings that hold the key to a valuable crafting plan. May your journey be as enriching as the history that surrounds Durin’s Line.

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